100/3200 hydraulic bending machine price adjustment of upper limit of slider

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100/3200 hydraulic bending machine price adjustment of upper limit of slider

1. 100/3200 hydraulic bending machine price Adjustment of upper limit of slider:

Adjust the position of the collision block ⅱ, can make the rising slider stay in the required dead point position, so that the slider travel distance can be shortened, reduce the working cycle time, so as to improve productivity.

2. Slow speed adjustment of slider:

When the slide block goes down to the bump block "I" touch the travel switch to make the slide block slow and fast, the length of slow travel time is adjusted by the adjustable potentiometer.

CT 12 PRESS 02

1. Adjust the clearance of upper and lower die (the slider must stop at the upper dead point)

A. Operate the button on the button box at the bottom right of the work table. Operate in the direction indicated by the sign. The initial adjustment gap should be greater than the plate thickness. It can also be adjusted by hand wheel. The adjusted value is displayed by calculator. Each increase or decrease of a single digit is 0.1mm(0.1mm/ revolution).

B, if the workpiece Angle at both ends is not consistent, can loosen the expenditure nail, move the connecting rod left, off the left and right rotation of the connection, turn the handwheel (up or down) to change the distance of the mechanical limit at one end, to achieve the purpose of micro adjustment of the workpiece end Angle.

Note: AFTER adjustment, set 18 back to the original position, tighten the nail, otherwise there will be a mechanical accident.

Middle c, if the workpiece is consistent on both ends of the Angle, Angle (big or small), which can make the upper die trimming device, using a fine-tuning, the upper die is close to the mold cavity, slightly loosen the middle upper die template and adjust the screw on the block, (the above mould don't fall for the principle) and the adjustment of the upper middle inclined slightly off (left or right). Where the middle Angle is small, make the upper die protruding right amount, tighten the supporting nail, and try folding until the full-length Angle of the workpiece reaches the allowable value.

ball screw

2 bending machine bending force adjustment:

In the table or according to the bending force calculation formula to calculate the bending force of sheet metal thousand cow value, and according to the table to calculate the indicated pressure P value, then adjust the relief valve 8 handwheel, so that the force slightly greater than the bending plate thousand cow value can be.

3. Adjustment of rear baffle distance:

The rear stopper is used for positioning in the length direction when bending the plate material. The motor is adjusted by the button on the front button box, and the adjusted value can be read from the revolution table on the button box. The conversion value of the revolution table is 0.1mm/ revolution, and the hand wheel is used for fine tuning.

6 foot switch can make the slider do up or down movement, easy to operate.

Two, bending machine machine test run and operation

Before the test run, we must add calcium based lubricating oil at each lubrication point (see lubrication label). The oil tank of the hydraulic system is added with 46# hydraulic oil, which is replaced after one month, and the oil is replaced every year according to the specific situation, and the oil temperature is not less than 15℃.

During the test run, first start the oil pump electric unit to run empty, and then test the action of the machine with "point movement"; Then test the performance of "single" and "continuous" action as well as slider stroke and rear stopper control. When the machine is proved to be running normally, the following steps can be operated.

1. According to the thickness of the plate and the length of the folding plate calculation or refer to the bending force and the opening size of the V-shaped groove under the die (the size of the die should be greater than or equal to 8 times the thickness of the plate).

CT 12 PRESS 04

2. Align the center of the upper and lower mold.

3. Determine the gap between the upper and lower molds and adjust it.

4. Determine the position of front and rear retaining materials.

5. Determine the action specification "point", "single" or "continuous", and select it by the transfer switch.

6. Put the workpiece in the middle of the machine table to test the pressure.

7. Adjust the mold clearance again, and adjust the upper mold adjustment block if necessary.

8. Pay attention to the sealing condition of each seal, and replace the seal in time when leakage is found.

9. Plate bending should be in the middle of the machine, should not be biased load and unilateral load, so as not to affect the accuracy of the workpiece and the machine, such as some workpiece really need unilateral work, the load should be less than 100KN, but should be as possible on both sides of the folding plate to solve the problem of unilateral biased load.

10. When the length of the folding plate is less than 600mm, the full load (1000) is not allowed to do the folding plate work (the folding plate load per 100mm length is not more than 100KN).

manual figer

11. Attention should be paid to motor steering (counterclockwise) during the test run.

3. Machine repair, maintenance and troubleshooting

All the operation and maintenance of the machine personnel, must carefully read the instructions, against the machine entity carefully understand and familiar with the main structure, performance and use of the machine, do regular maintenance work, do a good job of daily use records, for reference.

1. The machine must have a special person in charge, the operator should be familiar with and correct use of the machine operating rules and check the bending force of the workpiece.

2. Keep the cleanliness and smoothness of the oil, so as to avoid suction of the oil pump, vibration of the pipeline, or burst and leakage of the pipeline, and avoid the stuck death and abrasion of the relevant hydraulic components.

3. The machine is lubricated by dispersing. In use, it should be lubricated according to the working condition and refer to the machine lubrication point indication diagram (lubrication nameplate is provided on the left wall of the machine).

4. The bending force of the workpiece is not allowed to be greater than the nominal force.

5. Do not do single side and single point load work.


6. Electrical and hydraulic components must be flexible and correctly positioned.

7. Adjust the gap between the upper and lower molds according to the thickness of the bending plate. The gap is generally about 1mm larger than the plate thickness, and the specific number can be adjusted according to the different plate thickness, but must be greater than the plate thickness, so as not to crush the mold due to the gap.

8. The user must always have spare fragile parts attached with the machine as required.

9. When abnormal phenomenon or noise is found, it must be stopped immediately to find out the reason for maintenance.

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ball screw

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