12000W fiber laser cutting machine operation is not simple, cutting quality

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12000W fiber laser cutting machine operation is not simple, cutting quality

With the development of laser cutting technology, many sheet metal manufacturers have replaced the machine with a new 12000W laser cutting machine. For other manufacturers who are still watching, they are concerned about 12000W fiber laser cutting machine operation is not simple enough, cutting quality is not good enough.

It is the workshop staff of the company who generally learn to operate the machine. There are two ways to provide learning. One is that the manufacturer sends after-sales staff to the customer's factory for on-site training, and the other is that the customer sends workshop staff to the factory for training. The two methods can be negotiated according to the specific situation. Manufacturers will be in accordance with the customer to buy 12000W laser cutting machine model for training.

For 12000W fiber laser cutting machine, to arrange the training time according to the machine model, the general training time is 3-5 days, the training time is about 5-10 days, the general manufacturer will be on the operation of the machine, matters needing attention, inspection cycle, daily maintenance, maintenance of the machine running training.

So you do not have to worry about 12000W fiber laser cutting machine training time this problem, as long as according to the training staff's explanation of learning, you can quickly master the use of the machine.


In terms of cutting quality, 12000W fiber laser cutting machine has good cutting quality. Different from traditional processing methods, laser cutting technology has the advantages of high cutting precision, fast cutting speed, smooth cutting end face, no secondary processing, and can cut arbitrary graphics.

If you have some problems with fiber laser cutting machines, here you can find some solutions to common problems with fiber laser cutting machines.

How does fiber laser cutting machine work?

Laser cutting is the use of high power density laser beam irradiation workpiece, make it fast melting, vaporization, ablation or reach the ignition point. At the same time, high-speed airflow blows the molten material away. The workpiece is coaxial with the beam, controlled by CNC mechanical system, and the workpiece is cut by moving the spot position.


Is the operation of fiber laser cutting machine dangerous?

Laser cutting is an environmentally friendly cutting method, harmless to human body. Laser cutting produces less dust, light and noise than plasma cutting and oxygen cutting. Even if the correct operation method is not followed, it may result in personal injury or machine damage.

1. Pay attention to flammable materials when using the machine. Some materials cannot be cut with fiber laser cutting machine, including foam core materials, all PVC materials, high reflective materials, etc.

2. During the working process of the machine, the operator is strictly prohibited to leave, so as not to cause unnecessary losses.

3. Don't stare at the laser cutting process. To avoid eye damage, do not observe the laser beam through a lens such as a magnifying glass.

4. Do not place explosives between explosives.

What factors affect the cutting accuracy of fiber laser cutting machine?

There are many factors affecting accuracy. Some factors are caused by the equipment itself, such as the accuracy of the mechanical system, the vibration of the table, the mass of the laser beam, auxiliary gases, nozzles, etc. Other factors are caused by the material itself. Caused by the physical and chemical properties of the material, the degree of reflection of the material and other characteristics. Other parameters such as parameters can be adjusted according to the specific processing object and user quality requirements, such as output power, focus position, cutting speed, auxiliary gas, etc..


How to find the focus position of fiber laser cutting machine?

The power density of fiber laser is very important to the cutting speed, so it is very important to select the correct focusing position. Since the spread of the laser beam is proportional to the length of the lens, we can take advantage of this feature, in industry documents there are three simple ways to find the cutting focus position:

1. Pulse method: Print the laser beam on the plastic plate, move the laser head from top to bottom, check all the holes, focusing on the minimum diameter.

2. Inclined plate method: use the inclined plate below the vertical axis, move horizontally, and look for the laser beam at the minimum focus.

3. Find the blue spark: remove the nozzle parts, blower parts, stainless steel plate from the machine, and move the laser head from the top up until you find the blue spark as the focus.


At present, many manufacturers have machines with auto-focus function. Auto focus function can significantly improve the efficiency of laser cutting machine, greatly shorten the time of drilling thick plate; The machine can be adjusted automatically according to different materials and thickness to find the focus position.

How many finer laser machines are there? What's the difference between them?

At present, the laser cutting machine used for processing and manufacturing are mainly CO2 laser, YAG laser, fiber laser, etc., among which the high power CO2 laser and YAG laser are more used for high-precision, confidential processing. Fiber matrix fiber lasers have obvious advantages in reducing threshold, oscillation wavelength range and wavelength tunability, and have become a new technology in laser industry.

What is the thickness that fiber laser cutting machine can cut?

Currently, the cutting thickness of laser cutting machine is less than 25mm. Compared with other cutting methods, laser cutting machine has obvious advantages in cutting materials less than 20mm, and requires high precision.

What is the application scope of laser cutting machine?

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