1500W Fiber laser cutting machine main application industry analysis

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1500W Fiber laser cutting machine main application industry analysis

With the upsurge of industrial transformation and upgrading, most manufacturers began to care about the processing molding equipment 1500W Fiber laser cutting machine industry, after all, the efficiency of a laser cutting machine is several times the efficiency of traditional cutting, with the wide application of laser cutting machine, laser cutting machine gradually replaced a part of the traditional processing technology. At present, in fact, many industries are using laser cutting machines.

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1, automotive manufacturing laser cutting machine. Many links in the automobile manufacturing industry can be solved by laser cutting machine, car doors, body, car floor, hood, back cover, airbags and so on, and some small parts can be processed by laser cutting machine.

2, metal products laser cutting machine. There are many hardware products, daily bathroom hardware, hotel daily hardware, hardware decorations, hardware crafts and so on, can use laser cutting machine for processing.

3, kitchen laser cutting machine. There are many kinds of kitchenware, laser cutting machine can meet all kinds of customized production, whether it is mass production or small batch personalized production, as long as there are drawings can be produced.

4, sheet metal laser cutting machine. Many manufacturers only do sheet metal processing, not finished products, then laser cutting machine can be said to be a very good solution, human and material costs can be significantly reduced, as long as there is an order, you can start to operate immediately.

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5, advertising laser cutting machine. Advertising industry due to more customization, the efficiency of the traditional way is very low, the use of laser cutting machine, no matter how thick the plate, no matter how much shape, laser cutting machine will make you satisfied.

6, lighting laser cutting machine. Now the lighting is multifarious, creating a different home environment, for personalized lighting material cutting, laser cutting machine is very good, all kinds of carving, hollow-out can be handy.

7, fitness equipment laser cutting machine. The continuous expansion of fitness team for fitness equipment manufacturers has brought strong business opportunities, many fitness equipment enterprises follow the market development situation, increase scientific and technological innovation, improve production technology, and strive to improve product quality, enhance product market competitiveness.

Laser can complete circular pipe, square tube, oval tube, tube type D and other traditional or special pipe cutting and punching, any complex curve graphics processing on the surface of the pipe, without being limited by the graphics is difficult, but after cutting the pipe cross section do not need to undertake secondary processing, can be directly for welding, greatly shorten the production period, create unlimited value for the enterprise.

In fact, laser cutting machine is far more than the above industries, such as magnesium aluminum alloy precision laser cutting machine, metal rotary precision laser cutting machine, tube and plate dual-purpose laser cutting machine, PCB laser cutting machine and so on are widely used, many industries can be general.

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