2000W Laser cutting machine DURMAPRESS parameter table

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2000W Laser cutting machine DURMAPRESS parameter table

2000W Laser cutting machine DURMAPRESS before use to know some process parameters to process quality of the workpiece, the gas medium is not the same, the cutting effect is not the same, laser cutting equipment is mainly composed of lasers, light guide system, CNC motion system, automatic adjustment of cutting head, work platform and blowing high pressure gas system. Let's understand some common laser cutting machine parameters and process and noun explanation:

Beam pattern

The fundamental mode, also known as the Gaussian mode, is the most ideal cutting mode, mainly appears in the power of less than 1kW small power lasers. Low order mode, which is close to the fundamental mode, mainly appears in 1 ~ 2kW medium power laser. Multimode, which is a mixture of higher order modes, appears in high power lasers with power greater than 3kW.

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At the same power, multi-mode laser has poor focusing and low cutting ability, while single-mode laser has better cutting ability and cutting quality than multi-mode laser.

Laser power

Laser cutting required laser power mainly depends on the cutting material, material thickness and cutting speed requirements. Laser power has great influence on cutting thickness, cutting speed and cutting width. General laser power increases, can cut the thickness of the material is also increased, cutting speed, the width of the incision has also increased.

The focus position

The focal position has a great influence on the incision width. Generally, the selected focus is located at the bottom of the material surface about 1/3 of the thickness of the cutting depth is the largest, and the mouth width is the smallest.

The focal moment

When cutting the thick steel plate, the beam with long focal moment should be used to obtain the cutting surface with good verticality. The focal depth is large, the spot diameter also increases, the power density decreases, is reduced cutting speed. Increasing laser power is necessary to maintain a certain cutting speed. Cutting thin plate should use light beam with small focal length, so that the spot diameter is small, the power density is large, and the cutting speed is fast.

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Auxiliary gas

Cutting low carbon steel using oxygen for cutting gas, in order to use iron - oxygen combustion reaction heat to promote the cutting process, and cutting speed, good incision quality, can be obtained without slag incision. The pressure increases, kinetic energy increases, and slag discharge capacity increases. The cutting pressure is determined by material, plate thickness, cutting speed and cutting surface quality. In addition, the purity of oxygen has a certain effect on cutting speed. For example, a 2 percent reduction in oxygen purity reduces the cutting speed by 50 percent.

The nozzle structure

The structure shape of the nozzle and the size of the light outlet, also affect the quality and efficiency of laser cutting, different cutting requirements to choose different nozzle. Commonly used nozzle shapes are: cylindrical, conical, square and other shapes. Laser cutting generally uses coaxial (airflow and optical axis concentric) blowing, such as airflow and optical axis is not coaxial, so when cutting easy to produce a lot of splash. In order to ensure the stability of the cutting process, it is usually necessary to control the distance between the end face of the nozzle and the workpiece surface, generally 0.5 ~ 2.0mm, so that the cutting can proceed smoothly. Commonly used metal material laser cutting process parameters see figure.

Given laser power density and material, the laser cutting processing speed in accordance with an empirical formula, just above the threshold, the materials of laser cutting processing speed is proportional to the laser power, which increase the power density, laser cutting processing speed can be improvement, laser cutting processing speed with the same cutting material is inversely proportional to density and thickness, The first use can refer to the main parameters of laser cutting table.

In the process of using laser cutting, to ensure the quality of laser cutting, you have to adjust the laser cutting speed, focus position, auxiliary gas pressure, laser output power and workpiece characteristics and other factors, and laser cutting speed is the main.

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