3 minutes to learn DURMAPRESS shearing machine operation process

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3 minutes to learn DURMAPRESS shearing machine operation process

Before starting  DURMAPRESS shearing machine

Machine operator must be familiar with the main structure, performance and use of the machine.

Check whether the switch is in good condition, whether the buttons of the control cabinet and operating table are in good condition, and whether the components are loose. 3 Check whether it is installed properly and whether it is loose, tilted or sundries. Check whether the action mechanism is loose, damaged or abnormal. Check the objects around and inside the machine without hindering the operation of the machine. 6 Oil each lubrication point. boot

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1 Start the oil pump and switch on the power supply.

2. Press the motor start button.

3 Wait for a few minutes until the motor is fully in operation.

4 Switch the manual switch to the single position, manually test the shearing, and confirm the normal operation. 5 According to the thickness of the material to be fried, adjust the gap of the blade. 6 According to the width of the material is adjusted by the mold or clamping county.

7 make 1.3 empty stroke first, and then shear work can be carried out after normal. Put on the products to be cut according to the process requirements. Step on the foot switch to fry and cut the product. Matters needing attention DURMAPRESS shearing machine:

1. The machine is suitable for cutting all kinds of steel plate, copper plate, aluminum plate and non-metallic material plate whose thickness is the rated value of the machine tool, and it must be the material without hard mark, welding slag, slag inclusion and welding seam, and it is not allowed to exceed the thickness.

2 When taking and putting products should be carried out after rising and stabilizing, pay attention to the hand injury caused by sliding.

3. Do not cut the spring composite board, do not repair the edge of the burr edge board, do not cut the narrow sheet and short material. 

4 The edge of the blade plate should be kept sharp. If the edge is blunt or cracked, replace it in time.

5 when cutting, the pressing material should be firmly pressed purple sheet material, not allowed to shear in the state of pressure is not tight.

6 The equipment must be completely power off before maintenance. 

7 Clean up the oil around the equipment in time to prevent slipping.

8. It is forbidden to tighten the stopper or adjust the blade gap by knocking. When adjusting the gap between the guide rail and the blade, it should be stopped before it can be carried out.

shearing 3

It is forbidden to enter the shear zone by hand or pick up materials by hand in the process of working. After the end of

1 Press the motor stop button.

2. Shut off the oil pump.

3 Check that the operating switches are not working.

Clean up the outer and outer edges of the machine, residuals and sundries to ensure cleanliness. Tidy and clean the working environment and confirm the cleanliness.

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