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30 to 140 Degree Variable Angle Corner Notching Machine

Machine model :QA28Y 6X250
Control : Hydraulic
Thickness :6mm
Width : 200-220mm
Cutting angle :45-135 degrees

  • QA28Y 6X250
  • Durmapress
  • 8462399000
Product Description

QF series notching machine is another kind of professional sheet metal equipment developed by our company, This kind of machine can be classified into two specification by the thickness of Q235 steel plate: 0.5-4mm and 0.5-6mm, cutting length 200mm, cutting angle of angle-fixed notching machine is 90°, cutting angle range of angle adjustable notching machine is 40°~135°. The angle can be adjusted arbitrary within angle range until reach the ideal state.

Overall welded main structure is durable, what the notching machine needs for meeting general processing requirement is only the standard cutting tools, unlike general notching machine that one set of die just suits one angle or thickness workpiece, namely, this kind of machine can reduce the use cost and frequent die-changing trouble, significantly improving the work efficiency and reducing the labor strength, and minimizing the worker danger coefficient, at the same time, creating a quiet working environment for workers.

Notching machine can be used to cut metal plate with high cutting speed and high cutting precision, Cutting stroke of the machine can be arbitrarily adjusted according to plate thickness, its performance is safe and reliable, widely used in automobile factory, boats, elevators, electrical equipments, pipeline, cooking utensils and stainless steel products and many other fields.


Notching machine mainly divided into angle-fixed notching machine and angle-adjustable notching machine, performance characteristics are as follows:

1) Compact structure, mechanical structure ensures the machine rigidity, with solid guide to ensure the best cutting accuracy and the cutter life.

2) Pedal switch control, easy operation; manual and cycle work modes are available for your choice.

3) Calibration indicates angle, through hand wheel adjust the angle, very convenient.

4) Stroke is adjustable, improve the cutting speed

5) Equipped with cutting length ruler, can adjust the position of positioning stopper, and set the cutting length

6) Polished workbench surface, smooth and level, not hurts workpieces

7) The cutter is suitable for cutting CS (Carbon Steel) and SS (Stainless Steel)

8) Equipped with material pressing foot to prevent plate from distorting and deforming

9) Plastic protective cover avoid contact with the cutting parts, ensure the safety of operators and equipment

10) Guide column automatic lubrication system reduces maintenance needs

Item Unit QF28Y- QF28Y- QF28Y- QF28Y-6*
4*200 4*200B 6*220 220B
Min. Notching thickness mm 0.3 0.3 0.3 0.3
Max.Notching Carbon steel mm 4 4 6 6
thickness Stainless steel mm 2.5 2.5 4 4
Notching Length mm 200 200 220 220
Stroke mm 50 50 60 60
Notching Angle Range ° 90° 45°~135° 90° 45°~135°
(Fixed) (variable) (Fixed) (variable)
The speed of notching Spm 45 45 40 40
System pressure Mpa 20 20 20 20
Blade Gap Adjustment
Automatic Automatic Automatic Automatic
Motor Kw 3 4 5.5 7.5

F.B. mm 1350 1450 1450 1550
Dimension L.R. mm 1400 1550 1500 1600

Height mm 1450 1550 1550 1650
Gross Weight Kg 1650 2150 2650 3850

6mm 250mm adjustable angle notching machine .jpg4mm adjustable angle notching machine .jpg

Components .jpgangle notching machine details 3 .jpgTechnical Parameters .jpg

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