3015 fiber laser cutting machine technology characteristics

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3015 fiber laser cutting machine technology characteristics

3015 fiber laser cutting machine technology characteristics

Maanshan Durmapress Machinery Technology Co.,Ltd  for you to introduce in detail the laser cutting machine cutting process.


1. Vaporization cutting

Substrate in laser cutting machine high power and high density laser beam heating, material surface temperature accelerated, can reduce the heat conduction caused by the material melting problem. As a result, part of the material in direct contact vaporizes and disappears, and some materials are blown away by the auxiliary gas.

2, melt cutting

When the power density of the laser beam incident by the laser cutting machine reaches a certain value, the material at the beam irradiation point begins to evaporate, forming holes. Once this hole forms, it acts as a blackbody absorbing the energy of the incident beam. The hole is surrounded by a wall of molten metal, and a stream of air coaxial with the beam then carries the molten material around the hole. As the workpiece moves, the small hole synchronously moves in the cutting direction to form a slit. The laser beam of the laser cutting machine continues to shine along the slit, and the melted material is continuously or pulsating from the slit and blown away.

2000W IPG

3, oxidation melting cutting.

Laser cutting machine melting cutting generally use inert gas, if instead of oxygen or other active gas, the material is ignited under the irradiation of laser beam, chemical reaction with oxygen and produce another heat source, called oxidation melting cutting.

4, control fracture cutting.

For brittle materials that are easy to be destroyed by heat, the laser beam of the laser cutting machine is heated for high-speed and controllable cutting, which is called controlled fracture cutting. The main content of this cutting process is that the laser beam heats a small area of brittle material, causing a large thermal gradient and serious mechanical deformation in the area, leading to the formation of cracks in the material. As long as an even heating gradient is maintained, the laser beam can guide cracks in the desired direction.

 3000W IPG YLS 2

Laser cutting processing technology is a kind of use of laser beam in the surface of the parts of the continuous movement to achieve, at the same time, the work of the laser beam has a good direction, but also has a good correlation, its ability to cut the density of good, is also very large. 

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Maanshan Durmapress Machinery Technology Co.,Ltd  for you to introduce the characteristics of laser cutting machine:

1, high cutting precision, stable performance of the laser equipment, in the use of cutting laser beam focused into a small spot, so that the laser cutting machine to achieve high power. So, its cutting speed is very fast, high accuracy, also can ensure that the workpiece will not be deformed.

2, has a strong applicability and sensitivity. It is a use of hot cutting technology as a cutting process, in the cutting of the affected area is small, there will be no large range of impact. Another advantage is that it can be used to process some non-metals, yes, this is also other laser cutting equipment can not do.

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3, has a high energy, can freely control the change of its density, also can carry out local operation this laser beam has good control performance, we can freely control the operation path of the laser cutting machine, for any kind of hard material can be cut accordingly. For small fittings, local effective cutting can also be carried out.

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