30t hydraulic press brakein the bending will encounter what problems

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30t hydraulic press brakein the bending will encounter what problems

30t hydraulic press brake in the bending will encounter what problems, from the present stage, CNC bending machine in bending processing, there are some problems. With today's technology, how to reduce the advance preparation time before specific processing, is now encountered in the greater problem.

CNC bending machine in the development of the whole process of bending, must carry out repeated processing of goods. To carry out the initial processing, in addition to determine the engineering drawings, must also take into account the processing of grinding tools and their workpiece bending order, program flow typing and other stages, but in the specific processing, to take into account the full range of such elements, can not have a trace of neglect, and the cost of time is longer.

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As artifacts need to carry out the following times repeatedly processing, can not be reasonable to enable the previous processing programming information content, only to carry out the program to write again, again and again the same work, is also called the "second job" repeatedly, in that case, is the huge consumption, the concept of time and artificial cost repeatedly, causing the bend low machining efficiency.

CNC bending machine mold manufacturing, generally how much there will be problems, and the problems are more important, if you can not solve the problem, then the mold will have defects, so that can not be used, so we should pay attention to the production of the problem, what kind of problem will appear?

First, they don't pay attention to user experience. Only research and development of new products, the initial focus on product research and development, ignoring communication. After the preliminary determination of the product design scheme, to contact with CNC bending machine mold manufacturers in advance, so as to ensure that the design products have a good process, to prepare for the design in advance, to prevent hasty consideration of the impact of the construction period.

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Secondly, CNC bending machine die quality control. Nowadays, the competition in the manufacturing industry around the world is becoming more and more exciting. Enterprises try their best to shorten the processing cycle, improve the efficiency of unit time and serve customers, which has become a symbol of their competitiveness. To the CNC bending machine mold put forward higher requirements, how to manufacture high quality CNC bending machine mold?

Product quality: stability, compliance, surface finish, utilization rate, etc

Mold maintenance: production auxiliary time, demoulding is easy, convenient degree

Service life: under the premise of ensuring quality, the number of times used or processed by CNC bending machine

Buy CNC bending machine mold, not only look at the price, but also from the quality, cycle, service and other aspects.

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