3D Laser Cutting Technology: Everything You Need to Know

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 3D Laser Cutting Technology: Everything You Need to Know

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3D Laser Cutting  Technology: Everything You Need to Know

01.The working mechanism of 3D laser cutting

Laser cutting is the use of high power density laser beam scanning over the surface of the material. within a very short period of time.the material will be heated to thousands of

thousands of degrees Celsius so that the material melts or gasification and then high-

pressure gas will melt or gasification of material from the cut awayto achieve the purpose of cutting material.

Compared to two-dimensional laser cuttingthree-dimensional laser cutting needs to constantly adjust the laser cutting head posture to ensure that the laser cutting head is always perpendicular to the workpiece surfaceso as to obtain excellent cutting quality

In actual productionthree-dimensional laser cutting programming needs to first three dimensional modeling of the part,and then import three-dimensional programming system raw path.

It also needs to be adjusted manually according to the characteristics of the part and

tooling features to avoid the cutting head collision and it has a complex operation and high workload.

Since the cutting head of the 3D laser cutting machine is equipped with a capacitive sensor it can automatically adapt to the shape of the part and always keep a certain distance from the part for cutting

Therefore,when the surface of the part does not change drasticallyonly the 2D

programming system of the 3D laser cutting machine can meet the production needs.


02. Applications of 3D laser cutting

Three-dimensional laser cutting is widely used in sheet metal processing,metal

processing,advertising productionkitchenwareautomobileslamps and lanterns saw blades,elevatorsmetal crafts, textile machineryfood machineryqlasses production.

aerospacemedical equipmentinstruments and meters and other industries.

Especially in the sheet metal processing industry,it has replaced the traditional processing methods, which is favored by industry users.

Processable material: stainless steelcarbon steelalloy steelsilicon steelspring steel aluminum, aluminum alloy,galvanized plate,aluminized zinc platepickled plate copper, silver, gold,titanium and other metal plate and pipe cutting.

Applications in the manufacture of aluminum alloy motorcycles:

Three-dimensional laser cutting is mainly applied to the cutting nesting of the driver's cab skin of aluminum alloy trains

The driver's compartment cover is a thin sheet of aluminum alloy with a curved surface structure,which is especially suitable for cutting by 3D laser.

After forming,3D laser cutting is used for nesting

Compared with the band sawing machines for scribing and sawingthe proauction efficiency and cutting accuracy of 3D laser cutting are significantly higher

Applications in the manufacture of stainless steel subways:

Three-dimensional laser cutting is mainly used in the stainless steel subway doors on the

beam. end door co umn. the inner laver of the tendon plate and other evelets and notches

processing,blind window tendon nesting

Part of the die extrusion parts,due to the high cost of design and manufacture of the drop die, long manufacturing cycle,poor quality drop materialetc.need to choose three dimensional laser nesting and eyelet processing

03. Advantages of 3D laser cutting

Proven by production practice,three-dimensional laser cutting has the following advantages:

1High flexibilitywhich can adapt to the cutting process of different shapes of workpieces.

② High precision,which can meet the manufacturing accuracy of aluminum alloy trainsets, stainless steel subway and other products

③High economic efficiency can replace the traditional manufacturing process of trimming die and punching die.

With simple process steps,short manufacturing cyclefast cutting speedsmall slit width and high-quality processing,can greatly reduce costsshorten the R&D cycle of new models which has good economic value and application prospects.

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