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Alibaba Training sessions

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Alibaba Training sessions

Durmapress Employees always take part in professional training sessions regularly.These activities are held by Alibaba.they will let the professional teachers to teach us the newest regulation about the Alibaba and some good suggestion for us when service for our customers.

Today we have two lessons from 13:00pm to 17:30pm.One most professional teachers us the newest regulation about Alibaba.there are many changes about website.He is famous for the field of press brake and shearing machines.In this period,The teachner and Students have the interactive session,we have some games,teacher ask the questions,if students can answer that will provide the reward.

The second lesson is insurance teacher.He teach us the importance of insurance when exporting for buyers and sellers.and make many explames to us.We are very impressed with this.and will prepare for the insurance for our every clients.

Alibaba Training sessions

Later,we will take part in more professional lessons and provide better service for our clients !

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