Angle Notching Machines
Product Description
DURMAPRESS®Our Hydraulic Corner Notching Machines are fixed and angle adjusted corner cutting machines. It has a strong structure with sturdy durable body structure and steel construction tables. In order to precisely adjust the angle and depth of the corner to be cut, the top surface of the machine is machined with T-channel.
The desired cutting angle can be adjusted precisely and quickly from 30 to 140 degrees with the help of the features mounted on the machine table. Automatic cutting gap adjustment provides quality and precise cutting by adjusting the gap according to the type and thickness of the material. Provides precise and repeatable cutting.

Product Details

DURMAPRESS ® Angle notching machine is a kind of professional sheet metal equipment developed by our company, This kind of machine can be classified into two specification by the thickness of Q235 steel plate: 0.5-4mm and 0.5-6mm, cutting length 200mm, cutting angle of angle-fixed notching machine is 90°, cutting angle range of angle adjustable notching machine is 40°~135°. The angle can be adjusted arbitrary within angle range until reach the ideal state.

Overall welded main structure is durable, what the notching machine needs for meeting general processing requirement is only the standard cutting tools, unlike general notching machine that one set of die just suits one angle or thickness workpiece, namely, this kind of machine can reduce the use cost and frequent die-changing trouble, significantly improving the work efficiency and reducing the labor strength, and minimizing the worker danger coefficient, at the same time, creating a quiet working environment for workers.

Notching machine can be used to cut metal plate with high cutting speed and high cutting precision, Cutting stroke of the machine can be arbitrarily adjusted according to plate thickness, its performance is safe and reliable, widely used in automobile factory, boats, elevators, electrical equipments, pipeline, cooking utensils and stainless steel products and many other fields.


  • The biggest notcher size is 250x250 mm
  • QA28Y Variable rake hydraulic corner notchers have a strong frame with is statically and dynamically rigid steel table and top beam material
  • The hydraulic notcher has compact structure, small volume and convenient operation
  • The Hydraulic notcher can cut up to 6 mm
  • The notching angle fixes in 90° with high notching speed
  • T slot top table realizes precise cuttings and there is no need for alignment for different sheet thicknesses by means of automatic blade gap adjustment
  • Optional Equipment: Automatic feeding system
Angle Notching Machines
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  • 2 positioning stops with scale, Fixed Angle 90°, clamping handle for intermediate positions
  • 2 mechanical plate holddowns 
  • Mechanical stroke adjuster
  • Footpedal control
  • Transparent had-safe guards
  • Backstops
  • Large working table, with dovetailslots and scales


  • 2 positioning stops with scale, adjustable every 45-135°, clamping handle for intermediate positions
  • 2 mechanical plate holddowns
  • Mechanical stroke adjuster 
  • Footpedal control
  • Transparent had-safe guards
  • Backstops 
  • Large working table, with dovetailslots and scales


90° Angle Cutting 

Compared to traditional stepper motors, the advantages of using servo motors include: improve the accuracy to ± 0.01mm, the noise decrease to 25 decibels, reduce energy consumption by 60%, consump 70% less hydraulic oil and 30% higher efficiency.


Adjust Angle Cutting

The sensor can be used alone with the bending machine system. 3 laser beams corresponds to 6 0SSDoutputs, and each laser beam can provide two ways of independent safety output, and the output form isPNP.
lt is in ON state during light transmitting to output a high level; during light shading, it is in OFF state tooutput a low level.After removing the light shading object, osSD will automatically enter the ON state.
Product features :
 •As a Class 1 laser product, it is safe to human eyes;
 •L-type protection beam is set up near the upper die tip on the bending machine, and the beam should move in parallel to the upper die tip;
 •lt provides a complete functional design to meet the safety protection requirements of bending machinefor processing parts in different shapes;
 •lt has a independent controller system, which is also applicable to the bending machine without editingability;
lts has a high anti-electromagnetic interference, light interference ability.
DURMAPRESS Economic Smart Series

Includes Following Features And Properties

Technical Parameter

Model Mild Steel Thickness Stainless Steel Thickness Motor Power Cutting Angle Blade Length Oil Tank Capacity Max. Working Pressure Diemensions Weight
QF28Y 4*250 4 2 3KW 90° 250mm 35 200Bar 890*870*1080mm 860KGS
6*250 6 3 4 90° 250mm 35 250Bar 950*920*1150mm 970
QA28Y 4*250 4 2 3 45-135° 250mm 35 200Bar 910*890*1180mm 950
6*250 6 3 4 45-135° 250mm 35 250Bar 980*960*1180mm 1050


Name Details Manufacturer Remarks
Electrical components •Schneider Electrical French  
Main Motor •Siemens  Germany Optional
Control of the table •KACON South Korea  
Safety standards •CE    

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