Another big drop, beware of fiber laser cutting machine frostbite

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Another big drop, beware of fiber laser cutting machine frostbite

According to the weather forecast, and double to cool, thirty-nine cold, fiber laser cutting machine winter use facing the test of cold, once used improperly, light impact equipment operation, and then affect the production, heavy damage to the laser and chiller, to the user to cause unnecessary property losses, and production obstacles. To avoid the above situation, users need to follow the following precautions when using the fiber laser cutting machine chiller in winter:

First, the use temperature of the laser chiller must be above 0°C, mainly because the environment is too low, once the chiller stops using, it will lead to water icing in the waterway system, affecting the normal use of the equipment, and serious damage to the whole refrigeration system.

(The setting temperature of general cooling water is 20-25°C, and that of normal temperature water is 25-35°C).

Two, when the ambient temperature of the equipment is 0°C to -10°C, if the laser machine and chiller stop working and do not add antifreeze, the water in the waterway system must be drained in time, using compressed air or nitrogen (pressure 5BRA) to drain the water in the laser, manually empty the water pump and pipe water, The chiller will not cause the equipment to freeze and damage when it is working. After adding antifreeze, it can resist freezing at -20°, but because antifreeze is corrosive, the whole waterway system should be cleaned after winter. After cleaning antifreeze, change back to normal cooling water.

Three, open the laser chiller in winter inspection points and treatment methods:

1. After starting the cooling water pump and the normal temperature water pump of the chiller, first check the reading of the cooling water pressure meter and the normal temperature water pressure meter. In case of pressure or flow alarm, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the valve in the waterway system is not open or there is the possibility of ice. It is necessary to judge and deal with it in time. If it is determined to be ice, it is necessary to notify the manufacturer for cooperative treatment, and it is not necessary to solve the problem by itself. 2, after the normal operation of the pump, if the cooling water temperature is lower than the minimum temperature allowed to start the laser cutting machine, it can not be normal temperature for a long time. The set temperature of cooling water and long warm water can be set 5°C higher. For other problems, please refer to the manual or inform the maintenance personnel. Finally, the set temperature of cooling water and normal temperature water must be adjusted to the set temperature value

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