Application analysis of Maanshan fiber laser cutting machine in sheet metal industry

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Application analysis of Maanshan fiber laser cutting machine in sheet metal industry

With the rapid expansion of sheet metal processing technology, domestic processing technology is also a thousand li a day, and the gap between prosperous foreign countries is becoming smaller and smaller, many well-known foreign enterprises have transferred the manufacturing base to China, at the same time, Maanshan fiber laser cutting machine to sheet metal processing has brought many reactionary ideas Maanshan fiber laser cutting machine.

As a traditional sheet metal cutting equipment, there are mainly (numerical control and non-numerical control) scissors, punch, flame cutting, plasma cutting, high pressure water cutting and so on. These devices occupy a considerable market share in the market. For one thing, they are well known, and for the other, they are cheap. Although they are inferior to laser cutting and other modern processes, they also have their own unique advantages.

(NUMERICAL control) shearing machine because of its mainly linear cutting, although it can cut as long as 4 meters of plate, but it can only be used in sheet metal processing only need linear cutting.Generally used in the plate after cutting only need straight line cutting in the industry.


(nc / 2-foot-tall tower) punch more flexibility in curve machining, a punch can be one or more sets of punch, round, or other special requirements, can work out some specific sheet metal work, common chassis cabinets industry, they asked for the processing technology of main is linear, square hole, round hole cutting, such as fixed pattern is relatively simple. They mainly face the carbon steel plate of 2mm or less, the width is generally 2.5mx1.5m. The thickness of stainless steel in 1.5mm or more due to the material viscosity is too large to compare the cost of the mold, generally do not use the punch. Its advantage is that the processing speed of simple graphics and thin plate is fast, the disadvantage is that the capacity of thick steel plate is limited, even if it can be rushed is the workpiece surface collapse, mold, mold development cycle is long, the cost is high, the degree of flexibility is not high enough. Foreign more than 2mm steel plate cutting processing generally use more modern laser cutting, without the use of punch, a thick steel plate punching shear surface quality is not high, two thick steel plate needs a bigger tonnage of punch, a waste of resources, three thick steel plate noise is too big, not conducive to environmental protection.


Flame cutting as a traditional cutting method because of its low investment, the past is not high requirements for processing quality, when the requirements are too high and then add a machining process can be solved, the market is very large. Now it is mainly used to cut steel plates over 40mm thick. Its disadvantages are that the thermal deformation is too large when cutting, the slit is too wide, waste of material, and the processing speed is too slow, only suitable for rough processing.

Plasma cutting and fine plasma cutting is similar to flame cutting, the heat affected area is too large, the accuracy is much larger than flame cutting, the speed also has an order of magnitude leap, become the main force of plate processing. The disadvantage is that when cutting thin steel plate, the thermal deformation is too large, the slope is also large, and it is powerless when the precision is high, and the consumables are more expensive.

High pressure water cutting is using high speed water jet doped silicon carbide in the practice of sheet metal cutting, it almost no limit of material, the thickness of the cutting is almost can reach more than 100 mm and for ceramics, glass, etc. With hot cutting material can also be cut, easy to burst when high reflection for laser materials such as copper, aluminum water knife can be cut, and laser cutting has greater obstacles. The disadvantage is that the processing speed is too slow, too dirty, not environmentally friendly, and high consumables.


Laser cutting is a technological revolution of sheet metal processing, is the "machining center" of sheet metal processing; Laser cutting high degree of flexibility, cutting speed, high production efficiency, short product production cycle, for customers to win a wide range of market. Laser cutting without cutting force, processing without deformation; No tool wear, good material adaptability; Whether it is simple or complex parts, can use a laser precision rapid prototyping cutting; Its cutting slot is narrow, cutting quality is good, high degree of automation, simple operation, low labor intensity, no pollution; Can realize cutting automatic layout, nesting, improve material utilization rate, low production cost, good economic benefit. The effective life of the technology is long, at present more than 2 mm thickness of the plate in foreign countries are mostly using laser cutting, many foreign experts agree that the next 30-40 years is the golden age of laser processing technology development (is the direction of the development of sheet metal processing).

Generally speaking, it is recommended to use laser cutting for carbon steel plate within 20mm, stainless steel plate and acrylic, wood and other non-metallic materials within 10mm, plasma cutting is recommended for steel plate within 20-50mm, and flame cutting is used for thicker steel plate. In the processing of copper, aluminum and other highly reflective laser materials and glass, marble and other fragile non-metallic materials when the use of water knife cutting, within 1mm chassis cabinet manufacturers in large batch, relatively single varieties of sheet metal processing industry using CNC punch, and then assist other cutting means to implement cutting processing.


First of all, as the mainstream of the traditional laser cutting machine are using CO2 laser, can be stable cutting 20mm carbon steel, 10mm stainless steel, aluminum alloy below 8mm; Secondly, fiber laser has obvious advantages in cutting thin plates within 4mm, but it has poor quality when cutting thick plates due to the influence of solid laser wavelength. Laser cutting machine is not universal, CO2 laser wavelength is 10.6 um, solid laser, such as YAG and fiber laser wavelength is 1.06 um, the former is more easily absorbed by nonmetal, can high quality cutting wood, acrylic, non-metallic materials such as PP, organic glass, which is not easily absorbed by nonmetal, so can't cutting non-metallic materials, But both lasers are helpless against highly reflective materials such as copper, silver and pure aluminum.

With the rapid development of laser technology and the continuous improvement of the production process, laser cutting as a precision blanking equipment is quietly replacing the traditional punching and shearing equipment, in the face of dazzling, miscellaneous laser cutting machine models, as well as some merchants random boast, more make laser cutting machine buyers confused. Sangong Optoelectronics puts forward the following opinions on the selection of modern laser cutting machine:

From the application field of laser laser cutting machine and the technical requirements put forward by users, the development direction of laser cutting machine in the future is undoubtedly high power, large area, high efficiency, a molding, high intelligence. The widespread application of wide format series in locomotive industry and heavy industry brings high efficiency and high quality productivity to users. High speed and high precision cutting machine series are widely used in construction machinery and high value-added products industry. As external processing industry, ultra-high cost performance cantilever laser cutting machine is a good choice.


In addition, the fiber laser with robot flexible manufacturing system in the automotive industry and related industries of high status has a long history, the past is a monopoly by foreign integrators, in recent years because of the financial crisis and the improving of the production technology of the auto industry, many foreign cars in the high-end brand and national brand tasting crab, ultra-high price abroad share of the proud and mysterious veil is torn, uncovered, In recent years to provide automotive users with car body in white welding, automobile instrument panel laser weakening, automobile airbag laser welding, automobile bumper, door, column and other robot flexible cutting machine, automobile bumper laser welding, automobile exhaust pipe online welding system, automobile shift sleeve laser automatic cutting equipment and so on, It can be seen from the stable and efficient production in the user site 24 hours that domestic enterprises have a certain strength.

Laser cutting machine selection should consider many factors, in addition to the size, material, want to consider the current machining need cutting thickness and the size of the raw material width, more need to consider the future development direction, for example, after the technical modification made products to processing the workpiece size, steel market provided the dimension of a material which is for your own products, Loading and unloading time and so on. Laser cutting machine is a modern equipment with high input and high output. Every minute of time saved may mean an extra ten yuan earned. Peripheral laser cutting machine status is also the laser cutting machine buyers must pay attention to the key points, fierce market competition must try to avoid homogenization competition.


Railway locomotive, heavy industry, construction machinery and other industries, need to process the outline of parts is not too complex, in order to enhance the processing capacity and efficiency, recommend the use of wide format series, format is generally 3-4.5 meters wide, length in 6-30 meters, so as to realize the one-time processing of thick plate, save time and material. When the thickness of more than 20mm workpiece is more, wide width and fine plasma (thickness more than 45mm plus flame cutting) common rail cutting equipment is the choice, suitable for processing 3-50mm or even thicker steel plate, feeding cutting at the same time, thin thick plate cutting at the same time will greatly improve processing efficiency. For some small workpiece, high speed and high precision series is the choice.

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