Auto Duct Machinery TECHNICAL DATA Model :Auto Duct Line lll

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Auto Duct Machinery TECHNICAL DATA Model :Auto Duct Line lll

Automatic wind pipe production linelll is a cost-effective equipmentvery suitable for flange(TDF),and angle steel flange(TDChybrid production.Angle flange and flange duct could automatically folded into square. System in English can be arbitrary conversion.The max feed rate is 15mm/minthe length error is +0.5mm the digital error is +0.8mm.

1. Auto Duct Line lll Advantage of Products:

·The latest design can resolve the problems like getting strucktoo many repairs form roll-shearing displacements lock machine

.The three-line bending function can crimp narrow edges and stablyprocess 0.5-1.2mm galvanized sheet to avoid wasting.

Mechanical arm clutchinglocating and transferring platform Displacement lock machine.Line 3 host+ Single rack

11. Function:

It’s mainly for uncoiling,levelling,beading,punchingFolding.Because of its small space requirement and easy to install and operate the machine can upgrade to“super line 4”.

lll. Performance Features:

All the rolling reels are made of bearing steel so that the lifetime prolongs by more than 5 times.

Under the material-saving mode of CNC system machine can withdraw material automatically after finishing tasks.

.With production memory functionsthe production orders can be tracked and checked

IV. Main Import Configuration:

·MITSUBISHI HMI Display And PLC·MITSUBISHI Frequency Converter Japan NEMICON Inverter·Taiwan Hydromax Pump

·Taiwan High Temperature Resistant Tubing



Loading and Package

It needs one 20FT container to load Auto duct line 3 We have professionalloading team toload and fix machine well in container.

Preparation before Usage.

1>0.4-1.2mm Galvanized steel or other suitable material2>NO.46 Hydraulicoil3>electric wires

Installation & After-sales service

We will provide user with full sets of videos and manuals after order confirmed.And we welcome user to our factory to receive training.lf necessarywe can come to user’s factory to install and train user.

lf the machine has problems within the two-year warranty period, you can contact us at any time. If any par s are damaged, we will send new parts, and we will provide videos and pictures to teach customers how to eplace the parts

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