Automatic edge searching function of metal tube and plate fiber laser cutting

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Automatic edge searching function of metal tube and plate fiber laser cutting

Equipment as a new industry, the development prospect is broad.Foreign countries to the United States, Germany, Japan as the representative of several developed countries in the field of laser processing industry development speed is amazing, they in the main large manufacturing industries, such as automobiles, electronics, machinery, aviation, steel and other industries have basically completed the upgrading of the traditional technology with laser processing technology, into the "light manufacturing" era.Laser cutting machine has the advantages of good controllability of energy density, narrow slit, small deformation of workpiece, good section quality, unlimited cutting shape, non-contact processing and so on.And laser processing in industrial manufacturing, shows that the low cost, high efficiency, and the huge potential in application, to become the world's major industrial countries between the power of mutual competition, are giving laser technology as its important cutting-edge technology to actively support, step up national laser industry development plan, in our country, laser processing technology Gradually into all kinds of manufacturing industry,The product technology content is improved, the updating speed is accelerated, the agile manufacturing is realized, and the market needs for "personalized" products are met.


In the sheet metal industry for large surface, medium thickness metal tube and plate fiber laser cutting machine, in order to improve the utilization of the plate and facilitate programming, before metal tube fiber laser cutting machinemust make the straight edge of the plate and machine tool X axis processing direction parallel.Usually, manual calibration is used in Chang's way, which has low efficiency, large error and serious material waste, affecting the processing efficiency.We have applied the function of automatic edge searching in the plate fiber laser cutting machine

, which is simple to operate, high precision and short time consuming, and has solved this difficult problem well.

1. Introduction of automatic edge searching function

Large surface, medium thickness sheet metal is placed on the closed machine tool workbench, as long as the worker press the "find edge" button, in a few seconds the equipment will calculate the inclination Angle of the plate, while the machine coordinate system will be corresponding rotation, to ensure that the X direction of cutting and the long straight edge of the plate direction parallel.


⑴ System Composition

The hardware connection and composition required to realize the automatic edge finding function are shown in Figure (1), mainly including CNC, servo control, linear drive, sensor, etc.

The principle of automatic edge search function

As shown in Figure 2 below, when the sheet material is placed on the workbench, it may be wasted when cutting if it is skewed.If the tilt Angle and origin of the sheet can be sensed, the cutting process can be adjusted to suit the Angle and position of the sheet, thus avoiding waste.Automatic edge finding function emerges as The Times require.

laser 02

Automatic edge finding function is applied to laser cutting machine, which solves the problem of low material utilization rate in the process of large and medium thickness sheet metal processing, saves the time of calibrating sheet metal, effectively improves the production efficiency, brings objective benefits to users, and also improves the degree of automation of processing and cutting machine

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