Bangladesh clients visited Durmapress factory for 6000mm shearing machine

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Bangladesh clients visited Durmapress factory for 6000mm shearing machine

2017.08.10 Mr.Ibrahim Selem who chatted with Kelly for more than 4 months From Bangladesh come to Durmapress Machinery company . 

We arranged Justin and Kelly pick up him at Nanjing Lukou Internation Airport . 

When he arrived in our factory , time is 11:00 AM in China , we take him to visit our workshop , checking the machine every parts very carefully . 

He likes our machine very much and satisfactory with our products .

His plan to purchase the machine model is :

QC11Y-16x6000 hydraulic guillotine shearing machine 

WC67Y-400T6000 hydraulic press brake 

Actually ,both machine , we have three sets in stock , when he see the big machine ,he is surprised and happy about our factory .

Bangladesh customers come to Durmapress 3 .jpg

Ms. Kelly explain the machine function and all parts to him carefully . Of course , he happy with Ms. Kelly accompany and 

business chatting . 

Bangladesh customers come to Durmapress 2 .jpg

Then we looked around of our factory , surprised to know we also have the Hydraulic ironworker . He is the trading and wholesaler 

In Bangladesh , so he always imported this machine from China , but never want to change the supplier , when he saw the 

machine in our factory , he inquiry and also happy with our quotation .

Bangladesh customers come to Durmapress .jpg

After all visiting , we go back to office and have a happy dinner together . Finally send him back to hotel . 

He said he feel very happy of this visiting , and will open the LC of these machines to us when he go back to country .

Nice and happy ending for this business . 

Looking forward to make long-term corporation , also wish you have a nice Journey in China 

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