Bangladesh come to Durmapress purchase the power press

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Bangladesh come to Durmapress purchase the power press

On August 10th , 2017 . Bangladesh clients Mr. Bash come to DURMAPRESS factory for field trips . 

what is his intension of this trip , that is the power press .

His trip in China is about 25 days , in the mid-trip he come to our factory , check the machine operation in 

the workshop ,he said he just search in the Internet and then come . he feel we will meet his demands . 

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Besides , he takes his engineer come together , the engineer Besh know the machine very well , he operation the machine 

by himself and then hear the machine voice . the noise is very lower , that means the quality of the machine is very good .

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At last , they both come to our office in DURMAPRESS factory , and then they discussed all the details with us about the 

power press . 

Finally , we signed the contract , his order is 6 sets power press :

J23-40T power press      2 sets 

J23-25T power press      2 sets 

J23-16T power press      2 sets

the delivery time is 20 days after he made the 30% TT deposit to us .

Nice corporations , we will update the news of this order to him .

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