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Auto Crowning System
DURMAPRESS® Always adopted the most suitable Mechanical crowning system to improve your bending precision and provide customer's solutions
DURMAPRESS ® Press Brakes Crowning Deflection Control System
DURMAPRESS helps control deflection or “the canoe effect” in press brake applications over 4 ft long with quick, repeatable crowning that is precisely adjusted by a basic hand crank and digital readout or an electric motor driven by the CNC machine control.Press Brake is an important bending tool for sheet metal plates, the precision of the bending process directly decides the accuracy of sheet bends.
The days of controlling deflection using stacked cardboard, gum wrappers or any other type of makeshift shim are over. The DURMAPRESS's Press Brake helps control deflection or “the canoe effect” in press brake applications over 4 ft long. This system gives fabricators the flexibility to fine-tune the deflection-compensating curve of the unit to overcome the nuances built into the machine. Press brake operators can now crown the lower beam with manual or electric options and secure dies with manual or hydraulic power. 
The features of Crowning System include:
  • Durable body hardened to 28-32 RCS.
  • Mounting available for all types of press brakes: OEM bolt down design; Aftermarket mounting options for American and European style press brakes.
  • Secure die clamping that is compatible with WT and American Style Tooling.
  • Hydraulic clamping system adjusts with a remote control or CNC direct to machine control: 8 mm (.315 in) diameter pins hold dies every 21.25 mm (.837 in).
  • Manual clamping system with set screws to hold dies every 25 mm (1.00 in).
  • Quick, repeatable crowning is precisely adjusted using a basic hand crank with digital readout or an electric motor driven by the CNC machine control: macro crown up to 2 mm (.079 in) to 3 mm (.118 in), depending on length; micro crown at 200 mm (7.87 in) intervals up to .5 mm (.020 in).
DURMAPRESS® Hydraulic Crowning 
The hydraulic crowning system uses small cylinders to compensate for the worktable. Setting bending parameters in programming software based on the plate length and thickness. the crowning amount can be auto-calculated and transmitted to the compensation amplifier. The hydraulic proportional valve gets this signal, and controls the small cylinder to bulge and reduce the deflection.
The advantage:
  • Easy and simple to operate with consistent bends.
  • It requires less technical for the press brake operators with high precision.
  • Make sure full contact between the upper die and the sheet, and avoid displacement of the sheet metal.
DURMAPRESS ® Manual Crowning:
The DURMAPRESS Manual crowning tables provide mechanical compensation to the deflections occurring during the bending process.

  • Very precise bending angles
  • Europe type dies with 60 mm and 90 mm
  • Base can be clamped as well as single dies with 13 mm tang
  • Manual crowning with a handle
  • Precise positioning and alignment of the crowning table
  • Easy and fast usage
DURMAPRESS ® CNC Auto Mechanical Crowning :
The DURMAPRESS CNC Auto Mechanical Crowning system enables theuser to offset deformations of the beam while bending. thus, the angle iskeeping constant along the entire plate length.


  • Easy reversibility of tools because of symmetrical adaption
  • Hand crank with digital readout or CNC electric drive connected direct to the machine
  • Hardened to 28–32 HRC which makes it substantially tougher than the competition
  • Micro crowning every 200mm
  • T & Y adjustable 0–0.76mm (0–0.030")
WILA  Crowning System and Tool Holder:
This WILA® system enables the user to offset deformations of the beam while bending. thus, the angle is keeping constant along the entire plate length.

  • Easy reversibility of tools
  • Hydraulic Clamping
  • Quick clamping for the dies
  • Standard:
  • Tool slot CNC-Deephardened®
  • Drive unit CNC, Motor at one end
  • Designed for press brakes with UPB-II hole pattern
How To Choose Crowning System
The crowning system is generally applied to CNC bending machines with a length of more than 2.4 meters and a press brake of more than 80 tons. However, some small bending machines are now equipped with crowning systems. It depends on the length of the workbench and the application scenario.

Hydraulic crowning and mechanical crowning are the two crowning methods we usually see, and they are also the most widely used. Mechanical crowning can be added as an optional device for the bending machine, while hydraulic crowning is a device integrated inside the machine tool and is not optional.

In the bending process, the hydraulic crowning system transmits pressure to the compensation cylinder through hydraulic pressure, so that the machine tool table produces compensation deformation.

However, this hydraulic crowning system cannot compensate the entire workbench, and the amount of partial compensation depends on the position of the compensation cylinder. Some hydraulic crowning bending machines only have a compensation cylinder at the center of the machine tool, and there are also multi-cylinder systems. All oil cylinders share a pressure system, so it will not be said that only one oil cylinder produces pressure compensation. This pressure will generate compensation pressure for each oil cylinder.

The mechanical crowning system is composed of two rows of convex devices. One row is fixed and the other row is movable. The wedge in the middle has a higher slope than the wedge below the piston of the cylinder, and the slope angle follows the direction of the bed to both sides. slowing shrieking. After starting to work, move the wedge to create a curve, the high point is located in the center of the bed, the low point is located at either end of the bed, under the cylinder piston, above the table to create a spline curve, the compensation system works according to the bed like this The deformation of the platform and the beam is automatically compensated.

In the mechanical crowning system, the load on the worktable depends on the tonnage requirements of the machine tool. The accuracy of some CNC mechanical crowning systems can be set to ±0.01mm and the repeat error is within the range of ±0.005mm. The mechanical crowning device can realize compensation along the entire length of the machine tool. It can also handle deflection compensation for higher tonnage and shorter bed lengths. In addition, with the development of the mechanical compensation system, the mechanical compensation system has a complete standard, which can be separately manufactured and matched. It can be edited and operated by the CNC system. An ordinary bending machine can be easily equipped with a mechanical compensation device to improve its performance, and it can also be installed on a smaller tonnage entry-level bending machine for better use by the operator.
Working principle of Mechanical compensation
  • Mechanical crowning systems are installed in place of a bottom tool holder. They typically feature either mechanical or hydraulic clamping as options. They also typically feature different drive designs, from analog to digital readouts and from hand crank assemblies to CNC motors.
  • The mechanical press brake crowning system uses wedge blocks to compensate for the worktable. The oblique wedge block has multiple groups of blocks for mass production. the mechanical crowning is simple without any leakage. However, mechanical compensation is easy broken parts that affect the effects.
  • Mechanical crowning operation requires higher requirements for multi-bends. If the same workpiece needs multiple bends, workers need to make a localized adjustment in real-time.
  • Mechanical Press brake crowning
DURMAPRESS® High Standard Level
Durmapress® focus on the production of various types of machinery products to meet the user’s customized needs, but also access to many professional institutions of certification and recognition, to ensure that each customer’s machinery and equipment is to achieve the world’s technical level of products.
Over the years, Durmapress® has continuously focused on the research and development and innovation of machinery manufacturing technology, and has produced the machinery and equipment they need for thousands of corporate customers around the world.
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