Durmapress Factory Introduction

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Durmapress Factory Introduction

Founded in 2006,Maanshan Durmapress CNC Machinery Co.,Ltd is located in the Maanshan city ,Dangtu County,close to Nanjing Airport. Our geographical position is superior and the transportation is very convenient. Our company covers an area of 160 acres with the registered capital of 32,000,000 Yuan. At the same time, we have our own sales companies in each major and medium city. 

floor-type milling boring machine

In actual use, the workload of milling is usually larger than that of boring, so it is also called floor milling and boring machine, which is mainly used in heavy machinery factories. 

Floor boring and milling machine . There is no movable table, the workpiece is fixed on the landing platform, suitable for processing larger size and weight of the workpiece. The headstock moves vertically on the column, the column moves vertically and horizontally on the bed or only for lateral movement. The spindle box has a ram that can be retracted and retracted together with the milling shaft. The cross-sectional shape of the ram is rectangular, square and polygonal, mostly rectangular. Larger ram size, higher stiffness, with the ram to support the spindle and the installation of accessories for strong milling, you can expand the scope of the process and improve processing accuracy. Boring shaft installed in the milling shaft, a separate retractable and feed. Larger specifications of the floor boring and milling machine also has a high-speed spindle for drilling. The machine is equipped with a platform, rotary table, post, flat plate, milling head and universal milling head and other accessories.

Durmapress workshop equipped the floor type milling boring machine.over 500 Tons press brake machines or other heavy machine for strong milling, you can expand the scope of technology and improve processing accuracy.


We have more than 320 employees, including all types of engineering and technical personnel, serving the company R&D, production, and customers' service. 

"Meet customer requirements,improve the quality continuously "is Durmapress's tenet.

We'll conntinue goling betond ourserlves,Create value for clients and offer better technology,products and service !

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