Five tips for installing 1kw fiber laser cutting machine lenses

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Five tips for installing 1kw fiber laser cutting machine lenses

Five tips for installing 1kw fiber laser cutting machine lenses

Fiber laser cutting machine belongs to high precision mechanical equipment, in the use of the process of the requirements are relatively strict, one of the key parts of the left and right skills of laser cutting accuracy is the installation of cutting machine lens, today dongguan Dahan laser xiaobian to introduce you to install laser cutting machine lens five matters needing attention.


Step 1: Please clean your hands before operation. It is best to clean your hands with soap or detergent. This is a good habit to operate the lens of the cutting machine normally. Do not touch the lens directly with bare hands. Wear special gloves to prevent finger marks on the lens from affecting accuracy.


The second step: when the lens should pay attention to the smooth so as not to slide and break, and pay attention to the convex face of the lens on the smooth clean table top. At the same time, check that the desktop is free of debris, so as not to disturb or affect the operating environment of the lens.


The third step: cutting machine lens beware of moisture, can not use the traditional way of blowing the lens wipe, but also can not use hot air with the lens blowing, in order to avoid heat sudden change and damage the lens. The lens belongs to the high precision together, the temperature and humidity are strictly controlled, so as not to affect the lens surface protective film and optical accuracy.


The fourth step: laser cutting machine lens assembly attention lens cleaning and dust, the best use of clean air spray gun clean, do not use ordinary spray gun.


The fifth step: cutting machine lens must be kept absolutely clean, do not touch the lens surface directly by hand, also strictly prevent other non-designated objects directly contact the lens surface. In the lens cleaning and maintenance of the application of professional wiping paper gently from the side to the other side slowly pulled, so as not to scratch the surface of the lens.

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