Fiber Laser Cutting Machine-Full Covered
Product Description
DURMAPRESS® Laser cutting systems have developed into one of the most versatile and affordable metalworking tools. Today's fiber-optic lasers can cut ferrous and non-ferrous materials of different thicknesses utilizing only a photonic beam and assist gasses. Besides the excellent edge finish and high throughput fiber lasers offer blistering speed for thinner applications and high cutting capacities with greater kilowatts.DURMAPRESS® Fiber Laser Cutting System features extensive standard options including a shuttle table and available sizes for any metalworking need.

Durmapress ® Standard Components

• CYPCUT® CNC 17” SCREEN FSCUT2000 CNC Control System

• YASKAWA/FUJI ® Highly dynamic EtherCAT servo drive

• RAYTOOLS ® Cutting head Auto Focus (Switzerland)

DURMAPRESS® Dynamic System 4.0: 1.2G Acceleration

•  DURMAPRESS® Fast piercing 2.0: Ultrafast perforation

• Automatic table exchanger 3015(Optional 4020 / 6020)

• Graphite Anti-burn Technology

• Smoke extraction Fan system

• fiber laser resonator IPG 1000w 1500w 2000w 3000w

• Smoke extraction system (TODC-4L/4500m³/h).

• Class IV safety system and CE marking

• Fully automatic voltage regulator System

• CYPCUT ®Embedded PCs: Industrial PCs with directly integrated I/O level


The quality fiber laser sheet cutting machine affordable for everyone

Specially used for cutting 0.5-150 mm carbon steel, 0.5-40mm stainless steel, galvanized steel, electrolytic zinc-coated steel, silicon steel, 0.5-25mm aluminum, 0.5-12 mm brass and red copper and other kinds of thin metal sheets (The max thickness depends on the different power fiber laser source).


More efficiency and less power consumption

The increased electrical efficiency of fiber laser technology drastically slashes the electrical consumption of the system which means a monthly savings on your utility bills and a reduction in the initial investment in electrical equipment and services.

Superior performance on thinner materials

The faster speed of nitrogen fiber laser cutting on thin walled more than doubles machine productivity compared to CO2: mild steel and medium thickness stainless steel are the materials that typically benefit the most from fiber laser technology.

No laser maintenance needed

The fiber laser does not require routine maintenance or rebuilding procedures. No laser gas is needed. Laser beam quality is stable over time and is available immediately upon start up.

New materials and new opportunities

Copper and brass, materials which were off-limits with CO2technology can be easily cut with fiber laser. Even tricky to cut aluminum and galvanized steels have no limits. Fiber technology offers new opportunities and a more robust production method for difficult materials.

Stable Heavy-duty Welding Body

It adopts high-quality carbon steel sheet and three welding process and mortise-and-tenon joint structure, which make it firm enough to bear 500Mpa tensile force. The structure material undergoes high stress relief annealing and natural aging treatment to eliminate internal stress, so that the bed maintains good mechanical properties of good tensile properties, toughness, hardness, anti-deformation


Auto Focus Laser Cutting Head- Raytools Swiss

Modular design with easy maintenance.
Dual water cooling circuits.
Auto focus to reduce human intervention and improve piercing and cutting efficiency.
3 Cover glasses (top, middle and bottom) to protect collimation & focus lens.
IP65 class dustproof, patented cover glass cover plate. All-around dust prevention.
Fiber Interface :QBH , QD 
Clear Aperture 26mm 
Custom - Range +8 ~ -9mm 
Accuracy ≤ 50μm 
Collimation Side (Top) Φ24.9*1.5mm - 
Focusing Side (Bottom/Middle) Φ27.9*4.1mm

FSCUT2000S Cypcut Control system

FSCUT2000S medium power laser cutting system is a full-solution open-loop control system specially designed for sheet metal fabricaton industry, with features of easy to install and adjust, excellent performance and fully integrated solutions, it is the upgrade version from FSCUT2000C.


Model : FSCUT2000S
Control card :BMC2104
I/O terminal board: BCL3766
Motor control signal: X/Y1/Y2/W axes pulse output, maximum frequency 3MHz
                                                 X/Y1/Y2 axes port receive encoder feedback, highest sampling frequency 10MHz
                                                W axis port can be assigned as rotary axis or autofocus unit
Dedicated inputs: 8 limit inputs: +/-limit for X/Y1/Y2/W axes
                                          4 origin inputs: X / Y1 / Y2 / W axes origin signal inputs:
Common inputs:15 inputs: low-level active by default option, supports NO and NC mode. IN3~IN15 can switch between active low and active high
Software:CypCut Laser Cutting Control Software
Interface type:PCIE bus, X16, 250MB/S
Power supply:24V DC/2A
Work environment: Temperature: 0-55℃
                                              Humidity: 5%-95% (no condensation)
Dedicated outputs: 2 DA outputs: 0~10V,50mA
                                             1 PWM output: 5V/24V for option, precision of 50KHz (0.1%)
Common outputs:8 relay output, load capacity 250V AC/5A, 30V DC/5A
                                         12 thyristor output, load capacity DC 24V/500mA

Taiwan YYC Gear


Core transmission parts of machine bed arecompletely adopting Taiwan famous brand,ensure the high-speed cutting accuracy of
the equipment for a long time.

Italy MOTOVARIO Reducer

Reduce noise and servo cost, maintain stableperformance, improve precision,reduce failurerate and extend service life of servo and equipment.

Japan Yaskawa/FUJI Servo Motor


Riven by gantry-type double servo motors,work insynchronous manner,ensuring the high speed andhigh accuracy of cutting,as well as high stability
of machine while working.



S&A Industrial Water Chiller​

Offering temperature stability as tight as ±0.5℃, this laser chiller unit has been engineered to keep the fiber laser system efficient and enhance its longevity. With consistent temperatures from laser cooling system CWFL-1000, your fiber laser system can always perform at an optimum.
1. Dual channel design for cooling fiber laser and the laser head, no need of a two-chiller solution;
2. ±0.5℃ precise temperature control;
3. Temperature control range: 5-35 ℃; 
4. Constant temperature and intelligent temperature control modes;
5. Built-in alarm functions to avoid water flow problem or temperature problem;
6. CE, RoHS, ISO and REACH compliant;
7. User-friendly temperature controllers for easy operation
8. Optional heater and water filter.


DURMAPRESS Economic Smart Series

Includes Following Features And Properties

Optional Laser Source

Raycus Laser Source

Application Single Module CW Fiber Laser 





IPG Laser Source

YLR-U Series are the smallest kW-class CW ytterbium fiber lasers in the industry






JPT Laser Source

JPT single mode fiber laser(500W-2000W)

CW 2000W

CW 3000W

CW 4000W

CW 6000W
CW 8000W
CW 12000W

Cutting Samples

Optimal max cutting thickness with Fiber laser in different materials

Max Thickness Cutting for Different Material
Name Model
Material 2000W 3000W 4000W 6000W 8000W
Carbon steel (O2) 18mm 20mm 22mm 30mm 35mm
Stainless steel (N2) 8mm 12mm 14mm 25mm 25mm
Aluminum (N2) 8mm 10mm 14mm 20mm 35mm
Brass (N2) 6mm 8mm 10mm 16mm 16mm
Copper (O2) 4mm 4mm 5mm 10mm 10mm

Technical Parameter

Model BS-H Series BS-H Pro Series
Working Area (L*W) 3000*1500mm/ 4000*2000mm/ 6000*1500mm/ 6000*2500mm 3000*1500mm/ 4000*2000mm/ 6000*1500mm/ 6000*2500mm/ 8000*2500mm
Laser Power 2000W/ 3000W/6000W 3000w/ 4000w/ 6000w/ 8000w/ 10000w/ 12000w
X/Y Axis Positioning Accuracy 0.05mm 0.05mm
X/Y Axis Repositioning Accuracy 0.03mm 0.03mm
Max. Linkage Speed 65m/min 100m/min
Max. Acceleration 0.8G 1.0G/ 1.5G/ 2.0G
The above data are for reference only, subject to the actual product!

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