QC11K Series
CNC Guillotine Shearing Machine-DAC-360T
QC11K Series - CNC Controller Auto Cutting Angle Adjustable 
Product Description
DURMAPRESS® CNC Guillotine Shearing Machine is a type of shearing machine ully welded steel frame, stress relieved by vibration process - The up and down movements of the cutting beam are activated by two upper driven push down hydraulic cylinders - Adopting quality whole piece 4 edges cutting blades - Calibrate the thickness to change the cutting angles and the blade go, guarantee precise cutting - The oil tank, the main motor and the hydraulic pump are located at the lower front of the machine.Both series cut large material widths and thicknesses and are available with NC or CNC control. A manual guillotine shear rounds off our offer
Standard Equipment
  • Delem DAC360T CNC Controller Touch Screen
  • Electrics : Germany Schneider Electric
  • Main Motor:Siemens Motor-Germany
  • Servo Motor
  • Foot Switch:KACON-South Korea
  • Hydraulic System:Bosch Rexroth-Germany
  • Oil Pump :Sunny-UsA
  • Sealing Ring :PARKER-America
  • High effciency motor - class IE3
  • Tube Connector :EMB-Germany
  • Backgauge:Ball Screw China

Delem DAC-360T CNC System

High-definition LCD panel

Control motors and frequency converters
X-axis intelligent positioning
Multi-step programming, 40 programs, each program 25 steps
Built-in time relay
One-button switching function
Unilateral positioning function
One-key backup and restore of parameters
Both Chinese and English language
Metric system

Over 15 Years Of Experience In Top Level Controls

Machine Frame

  1. The very rigid and heavy machine frame has been welded to tight tolerances and annealed
  2. The machine frame has been machined on a state-of-the-art 5-axis milling machine in one single setup to ensure more precise cuts and extended life
  3. All components subject to tensile loads have been carefully constructed and designed with large radii to permanently eliminate the risk of cracking
  4. The table features a bottom cutter mount and cutter bar and has been designed for minimal torsion and optimum load distribution
  5. All components were treated in a modern paint and drying system and feature two coats of paint, each coat with a minimum thickness of 60 micron
  6. Material Support

  7. The large work table features roller balls and a rigid lateral angular stop for easy handling and safe plate alignment
  8. Long, sturdy support arms safely hold large plates


Durmapress ® Schneider Electrical


Schneider Electrics France 

Schneider electrics with high stability, Taiwan DELTA frenquency converter to prevent X axis swinging when positioning 

Open Door Power Off 

Door of electric cabinet adopts opening door cut off power, ensuring the operational safety


Germany EMB Casing Tube

Germany EMB Casing Tube
Germany EMB casing tube and connectors
effectively reduce the odds against welding
slag jaming the valves and affect oil flowing
USA PARKER / Janpanese
NOK Sealing USA PARKER / Janpanese NOK sealing ring, improving the service life of oil cylinder and long-term use without leakage
Germany Bosch Rexroth
Hydraulic Valve Germany Bosch Rexroth integrated hydraulic valve block, hydraulic transmission with high reliablity, integrated dydraulic system can effectively alleviate problems caused by leakage of hydraulic fluid

DURMAPRESS Siemens Main Motor

Using Siemens moter guarantees the machine service life, and reduce the noise when working

USA Sunny Oil Pump

USA Sunny Oil Pump Using USA Sunny oil pump ensures long service life and reduces noise when working


Kacon Foot Switch

The Kacon HRF-HD3N medium duty foot switch has a 1 NO + 1 NC contact arrangement with momentary operation and a die cast aluminum housing. Features integrated Z type micro switch. Rated IP 65. Operation: The pedal is held down to power the switch on, and released to turn off.


Switch Dimensions- 100mm W x 211mm L x 125mm H
Foot Switch Operation- Momentary
Contact Arrangement- 1 NO + 1 NC
Rated Current- 15A, 250V AC
Integrated Switch- Z Type Micro Switch (CE Certified)
Housing Material- Die Cast Aluminum
Cable- 1/2" Tap Flexible Cable (Zinc connector 10-16)
Ingress Protection- IP 65
Approvals- UL & CUL Recognized, CE

DURMAPRESS Shearing Machine Blade

Stable & safe hold-down clamps are made of one group of hold-down oil cylinders.



  • Safety features are based on the latest CE regulations
  • The rear-mounted light barrier system protects the work area

Shearing Machine BackGuage X-Axis (CNC BackGauge)

DURMAPRESS® One of the most important factor for cutting capacity is the design of back gauge and stability. Quality cutting is possible with perfect product,stabilty and precision back gauge.
The high speed ballscrew back gauge system movement is also supported with linear guides, which helps the back gauge achieve long life, greater sensitivity and strengthens against any collisions.

• Taiwan HIWIN Ball Screw
High-precision backgauge device, fine ball screw and polished rod structure, high
performance motor drive, ensuring the positioning accuracy, unique timing transmission
mechanism, reliable and stable


DURMAPRESS ® Blade Clearence Adjustment

Blade Clearance Adjustment
Rapid adjustment mechanism for rearranging blade clearance, easy operation by hand, realizing stepless adjustment of blade clearance
Stress Analysis & Finite Element Analysis


DURMAPRESS Economic Smart Series

Includes Following Features And Properties

Technical Parameter

Model Cutting Thickness Max. Cutting Length Length of Cutter Blade(A) Cutting Angle Number of strokes(Hits/min) Backgauge Range of X Axis Height of working table above the ground Power L*W*H(mm) Weight
QC11K-6*2500 6mm 2500mm 2600mm 0.5-2.5 6-12 10-800mm 800mm 7.5KW 2850*1750*2150 6.4Ton
QC11K-6*3200 6mm 3200mm 3300mm 0.5-2.5 6-12 10-800mm 800mm 7.5KW 3850*1850*2150 7.5Ton
QC11K-6*4000 6mm 4000mm 4100mm 0.5-2.5 6-12 10-800mm 800mm 7.5KW 4550*1850*2150 8.8Ton
QC11K-6*6000 6mm 6000mm 6100mm 0.5-2.5 6-10 10-800mm 800mm 11KW 6500*1950*2150 17.5Ton
QC11K-8*2500 8mm 2500mm 2600mm 0.5-2.5 6-12 10-800mm 900mm 7.5KW 2850*1850*2250 7.2Ton
QC11K-8*3200 8mm 3200mm 3300mm 0.5-2.0 6-12 10-800mm 900mm 7.5KW 3610*1850*2250 8Ton
QC11K-8*4000 8mm 4000mm 4100mm 0.5-2.0 6-12 10-800mm 900mm 11KW 4650*1850*2250 9.5Ton
QC11K-8*6000 8mm 6000mm 6100mm 0.5-2.0 6-10 10-800mm 900mm 15KW 6610*1950*2250 21Ton
QC11K-12*2500 12mm 2500mm 2600mm 0.5-2.0 6-10 10-800mm 1000mm 11KW 2850*1850*2280 10.3Ton
QC11K-12*3200 12mm 3200mm 3300mm 0.5-2.0 6-10 10-800mm 1000mm 11KW 3650*1850*2280 11.2Ton
QC11K-12*4000 12mm 4000mm 4100mm 0.5-2.0 6-10 10-800mm 1000mm 11KW 4650*1850*2280 13Ton
QC11K-12*6000 12mm 6000mm 6100mm 0.5-2.0 6-10 10-800mm 1000mm 15KW 6650*1850*2280 26Ton
QC11K-16*2500 16mm 2500mm 2600mm 0.5-2.0 8-12 10-800mm 1000mm 11KW 2850*1950*2300 11.5Ton
QC11K-16*3200 16mm 3200mm 3300mm 0.5-2.0 8-10 10-800mm 1000mm 15KW 3550*1950*2300 12.6Ton
QC11K-16*4000 16mm 4000mm 4100mm 0.5-2.0 8-12 10-800mm 900mm 22KW 4550*1950*2300 15.3Ton
QC11K-16*6000 16mm 6000mm 6100mm 0.5-3.5 8-10 10-800mm 1000mm 22KW 6550*1950*2300 24Ton
QC11K-20*3200 20mm 3200mm 3300mm 0.5-3.5 8-10 10-800mm 1000mm 30KW 3550*1950*2380 16.5Ton
QC11K-20*6000 20mm 6000mm 6100mm 0.5-3.5 6-8 10-800mm 1000mm 37KW 6550*2050*2300 40Ton
QC11K-25*6000 25mm 6000mm 6100mm 0.5-3.5 6-8 10-800mm 1000mm 37KW 6550*1950*2450 45Ton


Name Details Manufacturer Remarks
Hydraulic system •Open loop Rexroth  


•X axis Durmapress 

Ball Screw and Rod,Liner Guide Rail-China

Oil pump •Sunny oil pump Sunny  
Main power system •AC motor Siemens  

Front Safeguard

•Simple fixed type Durmapress   
•Single rail movable type Optional
Electric •Schneider Relay Schneider Open door power protection
Foot switch •Korean Kaikun vertical switch    

Frequency Converter

•Positioning Control / Guaranteed Precision

DELTA -Taiwan

• 6.5/10mm  Hardness  HRC 58/59
Front Feeding Table • CNC Feeding Table Durmapress  Optional
Security •Front /Back Photoelectricity Protection SDKELI / DSP  Optional

Back Pneumatic Support

 •Monobloc Panel Type support system Durmapress  Optional
Optional Controller 

Delem DAC-310T

  • Panel based housing
  • Bright LCD screen
  • Back gauge control
  • Retract function
  • Cutting angle or gap control
  • Stroke length limitation
  • Manual movement of axes
  • Stock count


  • Back gauge can be controlled.
  • Cut-angle can be controlled.
  • Cut-gap can be controlled.
  • Stroke time can be controlled.
  • Intelligent positioning control.
  • Unilateral and bidirectional positioning which eliminates spindle clearance effectively.
  • Retract functions.
  • Automatic reference searching.
  • One-key parameter backup and restore.
  • Fast position indexing.
  • 40 programs storage space, each program has 25 steps.
  • Power-off protection.


  • Backgauge control
  • BUS mode control servo system
  • Stroke length limitation
  • Double programmable digital output
  • Program memory of up to 40 programs up to 25 steps per program
  • One side positioning
  • Retract function
  • Mm/Inch
  • Chinese/English

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