How to debug the parameters of BS3015D-3000W fiber laser cutting machine?

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How to debug the parameters of BS3015D-3000W fiber laser cutting machine?

For BS3015D-3000W fiber laser cutting machine beginners, it will be difficult to meet the cutting quality is not good, in the face of many parameters do not know how to adjust. The following Dieng BS3015D-3000W laser laser cutting machine manufacturers will briefly introduce the problems encountered and solutions.

The parameters that AFFECT THE CUTTING quality are: CUTTING height, cutting nozzle type, focusing position, cutting power, cutting frequency, cutting duty cycle, cutting pressure and cutting speed. Hardware conditions are: protective lens, gas purity, plate quality, aggregator and collimator.

If the optical fiber laser cutting quality is poor, you are advised to perform a general check. The main contents and sequence of general inspection are as follows:

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1. Cutting height (The actual cutting height is recommended to be between 0.8 mm and 1.2mm). If the actual cut height is not accurate, calibration is required.

2. Check whether the type and size of the cutting interface are incorrect. If correct, check whether the incision is damaged and roundness is normal.

3. You are advised to use a 1.0 diameter cutting port for optical center detection. The focus of the optical center detection should be between -1 and 1. This makes the spot small and easy to see.

4. Protective lens Check whether the protective lens is clean, free of water, oil, and residue. Sometimes due to weather or pavement when the air is too cold and other reasons cause fog protective mirror.

5. Focus Check whether the focus is set correctly. If the cutting head is in focus automatically, be sure to use the mobile APP to check whether the focus is correct.

6. Modify cutting parameters.


After the preceding five items are correct, modify the parameters according to the cutting phenomenon of the fiber laser cutting machine.

How to adjust the parameters according to this phenomenon, the following is a brief introduction to stainless steel and carbon steel in cutting will encounter the state and solution.

For example, there are many types of stainless steel hanging slag. If only the corner hanging slag can consider the roundness of the corner, the parameters can reduce the focus, increase the pressure and so on.

If the whole slag hanging, need to lower the focus, increase the pressure, increase the cutting mouth, but too low focus or pressure will lead to section stratification and rough surface. If the whole hanging granular soft slag, can increase the cutting speed or reduce the cutting power.

Fiber laser cutting machine may also encounter when cutting stainless steel: when cutting the near side hanging slag, you can check whether the air supply is insufficient to keep up with the gas flow.


Fiber laser cutting machine cutting carbon steel generally encountered: thin plate section is not bright enough, thick plate section rough and other problems.

Generally speaking, the brightness of 1000W laser cutting carbon steel does not exceed 4mm, 2000W is 6mm, 3000W is 8mm.

Want to cut part of the bright first must be a good plate surface without rust, oxidized paint, no skin, followed by high oxygen purity of at least 99.5%, in the cutting need to pay attention to: with a small mouth double layer 1.0 or 1.2, cutting speed needs to be faster than 2m/min, cutting pressure should not be too large.

Want to fiber laser cutting machine cutting thick plate part quality is good, first of all to ensure that the plate and gas purity is followed by the choice of cutting mouth, the larger the aperture of the section quality will be better, but at the same time the section taper will be larger.

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