How to operate 2000w fiber laser machine for metal cutting to cut out the product effect

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How to operate 2000w fiber laser machine for metal cutting to cut out the product effect

1. The laser tube installation fulcrum of the 2000w fiber laser machine for metal cutting should be reasonable, the fulcrum should be 1/4 of the total length of the laser tube, otherwise the laser tube spot mode becomes bad, some work for a period of time the spot becomes several points, resulting in the laser power decline can not meet the requirements, resulting in no new tube replacement,

2. The cooling system should be grounded to clean the water tank and water, and the temperature control point of the refrigeration temperature control tank should be fair, otherwise it will cause easy damage to the laser tube and the condensation power drop, the cold water head of the tube falls off, the life is greatly shortened, and sometimes it can't work, causing constant tube replacement 2000w fiber laser machine

3. The water protection should be checked and cleaned frequently. The cooling water can not be flushed to protect the floating switch or the water protection floating switch, so the short-link method can not be used to solve the urgent need. Cooling water quality is better, nozzle aluminum oxide is too severe, use a period of time to regularly clean the water pump and water pipe, water protection in the dirt, otherwise cause the laser tube burst or cold water head off.


4. The suction device should be checked and cleaned regularly, and the fan duct should be cleaned. Otherwise a lot of smoke and dust can not be discharged, severe and rapid pollution of the lens and laser tube, so that the mechanical electrical parts easily oxidized resulting in poor contact.

5, focus lens and reflector inspection, work for a while frame fever, lens surface discoloration and rust; Defilm cracking is the object to be replaced, especially many customers with large air pump and air compressor, so that the water on the focusing lens will soon water, so it is necessary to check the lens (laser tube light outlet) optical path system cleaning and quality.

6, laser cutting machine working environment can not be too bad, if the environmental temperature is higher than 30 degrees, less than 18 degrees, dust is too much, air pollution is severe, so that the machine is severely damaged, the failure rate is rising: the electrical accessories are very easy to give problems in humid environment. So in this special remind customers to improve the working environment and often carry out maintenance of the machine.

7, power grid power to match. The power distribution and contact point of each department of the whole equipment should be good (fan, water cooler, laser machine, laser power supply, computer should be independent power supply).


8, laser tube working current should be fair, can not be in 90-100 light intensity work for a long time: to fair application of laser and save laser energy: optical path system to clean and accurate, otherwise cause premature aging and fracture of laser tube, so the laser machine working time should be adjusted in 50-60%, and then according to the material to adjust the speed of work, This is the best working condition of the laser tube.

In the practical engineering application of post-welding composite treatment technology, even if the welding line has carried out severe surface treatment and the welding process is stable, aluminum alloy laser welding will inevitably produce weld porosity, so it is very important to apply post-welding treatment to eliminate porosity, which is mainly modified welding at present. Hot isostatic pressing technology is one of the ways to eliminate the internal porosity and shrinkage of aluminum alloy castings

The composite process of hot isostatic pressing and hot external separation of laser welding components of aluminum alloy is formed, which not only reduces the strength of cracks and pores, but also improves the joint properties.

Postnote Because of the characteristics of aluminum alloy, there are still many problems in the application of high-power laser welding to be further studied, the main problem is to control the porosity defect of weld and improve the welding quality. Aluminum alloy laser welding porosity engineering control should be considered before welding, welding process, post-welding disposal of each link, so as to improve the stability of the welding process, which has been derived from a lot of new technology new process, such as before welding

Laser clearing, welding process parameters back to width ratio control and optimization, double beam laser, laser arc composite welding, pulse laser welding and fiber laser welding, etc., the Asia-pacific region leads the global fiber laser market


China's four major regions to support the development of domestic industries

Laser industry has obvious regional characteristics both globally and in China. In 2017, the Asia-pacific fiber laser market accounted for 42.9% of the global market share. As the Asia-pacific region gathers the world's important automobile industry, traditional manufacturing industry and semiconductor industry, the demand for fiber laser is very strong, as the world's main fiber laser market, it is estimated that by 2020, Asia

The Asia-pacific region will become an important driving force for the growth of the fiber laser market. The market scope of the Asia-pacific region will further increase, and the market share will increase from 42.9% to 50%.

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