W24S Series
Hydraulic Profile Bending Machine
Product Description

The DURMAPRESS ®Section bending machine (section bender) is also called profile bending machine,it is a kind of highly effective section bending equipment which especially used in various of special sections, such as iron angle (angle bending machine), channel, round & square bar, ,H& I beam, teel, pipe, square & rectangal tube and so on.
Depending upon your unique project requirements, Profile bending may be performed on a variety of materials, including carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, titanium, and copper.


Standard Component

Movable control panel
Manual drop end
Solid rolls made by steel 45
Good brand electric parts
Machine cover

Optional Component

Pipe,tube and profile bending dies


1 set of high-grade standard solid and ground rolls (special steel)
Hydro motor drives all rolls and planetary/gear
Side support rollers are used to bend angle iron,leg in-leg out
Convenient and simple portable control panel
Customer can select horizontal or vertical operation
Machine body is made up of stress-relieved steel
Reliable and safe overload protection is set in hydraulic and electrical systems
Bottom rolls can be hydraulically adjusted with digital readout

Horizontal Profile Bending Machine

A profile bending machine is a machine used to perform cold bending on profiles with different shape and size. Usually the machine is used in the metalworking field to bend profiles like tubes, bars, angles, “T” profiles, “U” profiles and beams.
The most important part of the machine are the rolls (normally 3) that apply a combination of forces on the profile, the resultant of which determinates a deformation, along a direction perpendicular to the axis of the profile itself. The profile bending machines can be distinguished by:
• Working principle / Configuration
• Drive
• Dimensions
• Control
• Accessories


Siemens Electrical


PLC Control and Siemens Electrical to keep the machine working stability 



Please find the right model according to the maximum bending sectional modulus of profiles in the above parameter table. 
The main parameters on form means the max. bending capacity with best working efficiency. If other steel profile like square, angle, only if the bending sectional modulus less than 75 cm3, then it is available to finish bending on this 200.
 You can also choose the required model according to the bending material:Square Bar (square steel), Round Bar, Flat Bar (flat steel), Equal Angle, Unequal Angle, Tees, channel steel , H & I Beams , Round Tube , Square Tube
DURMAPRESS Economic Smart Series

Includes Following Features And Properties

Technical Data

Technical data W24S
Max. Bending resistant modulus 6 16 30 45 75 100 140 180 260 320 400 500
Bending speed 6 16 30 45 75 100 140 180 260 320 400 500
Yield limit S=245Mpa
Angle, inner bending Max.section size 4 1500 245 5 150 140 200 4 160x16 180x14 200x18 200x20
Angle, outer bending Max.section size 4 2000 245 5 160 150 220 4 180x14 200x18 200x24 250x25
outer bending
Channel size 6 1500 245 5 160 150 220 4 36 40 45 50
inner bending
Channel size 6 2000 245 5 170 160 220 5.5 36 40 45 50
flat bending
Max. Section size 6 2500 245 4.5 180 170 250 5.5 330x50 360x60 400x75 500x76
vertical bending
Max. Section size 8 1500 245 5 170 160 220 5.5 190x40 190x50 200x50 200x60
Tube bending Max. Section size 8 2000 245 4.5 180 170 250 5.5 219x8 245x8 273x8 323x10
Rod bending Max. Section size 8 2500 245 4.5 240 180 280 7.5 120 135 150 160
Square bending Max. Section size 12 2000 245 4.5 240 180 280 7.5 150x10 160x10 180x12 200x12


Name Details Manufacturer Remarks
PLC •Omron Japan  
Bearing •Double row self-aligning roller bearing China.WFD  
Mould  •42CrMo /HRC50-55 Durmapress   
Frame •Q235A/Welding and boring Durmapress  
Hydro-motor •Hydraulic China/Lishiweier  
Main motor •Xiaohong,shanghai China  
Hydro-system •Gear pump China  
Valve •Yuken Japan  
Oil tank •Steel 45,quenchingHB217-255。 Durmapress  
Seal type •NOK Japan  

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