Q35YS Series

Single Cylinder Hydraulic Punching Machine

Product Description
DURMAPRESS® The Single cylinder hydraulic punching machine often use in metal fabrication. In addition to hole punching, it can also be used for pipe notching and joint, plate bending, angle steel bending, radius corners, rounding off corners, bilateral rounding off and so on.

Product Details

CE certification guarantees the machine quality and safety up to standards.

The hydraulic punching machine has low noise and does not damage the eardrum of the worker.
Max. punching capacity is 200 tons which can punch Max. thickness up to 35mm.Movable food pedal
Single punching and continuous punching for choice.
Quick-change devices are installed to change punch and die faster and more efficiently. (16 seconds, manual)
The stripper is for sheet plate or profiles steel stripping after punching. The height of the stripper is adjustable.
Work efficiency can be improved by adjusting the stroke of the punching station. You can punch up to 22 times per minute.
X, Y-axis scales on the working table to fix the hole position.
DURMAPRESS® supply the optional cooling system which for cooling the hydraulic oil to prevent the oil seal from aging and oil leakage, improving the lifetime of the machine.
Work lights can make it easier for workers to see the processing condition.
DURMAPRESS® has designed an automatic feeding device for punching or cutting large-sized profile steel. You can choose it according to your needs.
2-year warranty and lifetime technical support.

Over 15 Years Of Experience In Top Level Controls

Hydraulic Punching machine Description

If you only want to punch holes in sheet plate or profile steel, then a single-cylinder hydraulic punching machine is good choice.

In addition to punching round holes, square holes, oblong holes, it can also be used for pipe notching and joint, plate bending, angle steel bending, radius corners, rounding off corners, bilateral rounding off and so on. We can make it as single-phase voltage for home use. We can also be made as three-phase voltage for use in your factory.

Machine safety and operator’s safety have always been the goal of DURMAPRESS®. We have always been committed to the safety of the machine. The emergency stop switch is installed on the working station. The visual safety shield is installed on the punching station.


Punching Mold

DURMAPRESS® Punching Die size can be customized , You can tell us your Request , and we will make design and offer you


Punching Working Table


Working Table can be changed to different punching usage Such as change to Ventilation Grill Toolings , and folding toolings 100mm width , 170mm width , Flower Cutting die for 8 petals ,Flower Inlaying Toolings , Leaf Cutting Die , Flower Inlaying tool

Kacon Foot Switch

The Kacon HRF-HD3N medium duty foot switch has a 1 NO + 1 NC contact arrangement with momentary operation and a die cast aluminum housing. Features integrated Z type micro switch. Rated IP 65. Operation: The pedal is held down to power the switch on, and released to turn off.


Switch Dimensions- 100mm W x 211mm L x 125mm H
Foot Switch Operation- Momentary
Contact Arrangement- 1 NO + 1 NC
Rated Current- 15A, 250V AC
Integrated Switch- Z Type Micro Switch (CE Certified)
Housing Material- Die Cast Aluminum
Cable- 1/2" Tap Flexible Cable (Zinc connector 10-16)
Ingress Protection- IP 65
Approvals- UL & CUL Recognized, CE

Bending Toolings ( Optional)


Folding Length 100mm


Tooling to fold steel sheet and flat bar up to 100mm. Punch 88º. Die with 56mm and 26mm V's.

DURMAPRESS ® Press Brake Toolings 

Stress Analysis & Finite Element Analysis

DURMAPRESS ® Press Brake is a machine pressing tool for bending sheet and plate material, most commonly sheet metal. It forms predetermined bends by clamping the workpiece between a matching punch and die. Tooling tolerances should be checked each time a punch and die are selected. It is the operator’s responsibility to ensure the tooling fitrs the manufacturer’s specifications, as well as making any adjustments necessary.


DURMAPRESS Economic Smart Series

Includes Following Features And Properties

Technical Parameter

Model Unit Q35YS-16 Q35YS-20 Q35YS-25 Q35YS-30 Q35YS-40
Pressure  T 60 90 120 160 200

Material Strength

N/mm² 450 450 450 450 450

Max. Length of Cylinder Stroker

mm 80 80 80 80 100
Number of strokes Times/min 11-20 12-20 8-18 6-16 6-16
Throat depth mm 300 355 400 600 530
Punching Thickness mm 16 20 25 28 35
Max. Punching Diameter mm 25 30 32 38 45
Main Motor Power KW 5.5 7.5 11 15 18.5
Overall Dimensions (L*W*H) mm 1400*700*1700 1750*900*1750 2155*960*1990 2600*1050*2150 2700*1150*2350


Name Details Manufacturer Remarks
Valve Block •Open loop Rexroth  
Back gauge •X axis Durmapress  Optional
Oil pump •Sunny oil pump Sunny  
Main power system •AC motor Siemens  
Wind-Cooler for Oil •China Durmapress   
•Single rail movable type Optional
Electric •Schneider Relay Schneider Open door power protection
Foot switch •Korean Kaikun vertical switch    
Sealing Ring •Parker USA  
Oil Pipe Connector •High Pressure Hose Durmapress  
Security • Side (Guardrail) + Rear (Guardrail) Durmapress   
• Side (Guardrail  ) + Rear (Guardrail)
• Side (Guardrail ) + Rear (Guardrail)
  • 1000mm automatic back gauge for controlling the cutting length of sheet plate and profile steel.
Durmapress Optional
Controller  •ESTUN E21 ESTUN,CHINA Optional

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