Laser cleaning machine 200w 12 processing workpiece

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Laser cleaning machine 200w 12 processing workpiece

1, before using the laser cleaning machine 200w , first turn on the water pump, so that the laser tube is filled with water, and often check the flow of water in the process of machine work, to ensure that the laser tube water circulation is normal, laser cutting machine unobstructed. Do not bend or block the cooling pipe! The water in the water tank must be kept clean, and the water temperature cannot exceed 35 degrees when working;


2, this laser product is a specific fixture model, fixture handle is in danger of meeting the laser head, remember to press upside down before cutting, no side damage laser head manufacturers do not guarantee.


3, the laser produced in the laser tube has high temperature hot, please pay attention to the laser light path at work, (in dimming should pay special attention to) to avoid being burned by laser, remember not to put the skin under the laser head when working;


4, laser cutting machine laser cutting machine at work, especially in the cutting, please pay attention to the interference of electronic equipment around, do not put mobile phones and other communication equipment near the machine;


5, it is forbidden to operate laser cutting at full power for a long time, and it is recommended to open the cutting power to 90%~95;


7. It is strictly forbidden to place any irrelevant total reflection or diffuse reflection objects in the equipment to prevent the laser from directly reflecting onto human body or flammable objects;


10, in the process of machine work, the operator must observe the working situation of the machine at any time (such as: the paper covered by the hook is blocked by the air pump blowing laser, abnormal sound of the machine, the water temperature of the circulating water, etc.), strictly prohibit the operator to leave;


11, follow the machine switching sequence: start the pump (water cooler), then turn on the power switch of the air pump, and then switch on the table panel, and then open the laser switch. First turn off the laser switch, then turn off the power switch, then turn off the water pump (water cooler)


12, when processing the workpiece, must open the smoke exhaust and blowing equipment (air compressor), in order to avoid smoke pollution focusing lens and reflection lens, otherwise it will affect the lens focusing and reflection, thereby indirectly affecting the processing intensity, processing accuracy.


13, mirror and focus lens cleaning: two fingers hold the mirror, the other hand with the camera lens cleaning paper dipped in cleaning liquid, gently drag over the lens surface, do not use finger pressure mirror to avoid scratches; Or use a cotton swab dipped in photographic lens cleaning solution to gently wipe the focus lens until smooth.


14, formal processing. For materials not seen before, the principle of power from low to high should be followed.


15, laser cutting machine for water to use clean water pipe or basin, must not use oily basin, so as to avoid the laser tube wall greasy sticky dirty, should heavily affect the life of the laser tube.

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