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Mechanical CNC Turret Punching Machine
Product Description
The DURMAPRESS® CNC Turret Punch Press creates shapes in sheet material by successively punching a series of basic shapes such as circles and rectangles. The basic shapes are selected from a rotating turret under CNC control.. Edges are usually very good due to the shearing action. CNC Turret Punch Press can produce 2D shapes including cutouts. It is best suited for custom enclosures, Metal Brackets, front panels, boxes, etc. CNC Turret Punch Press is a cost effective method for cutting sheet steel in moderate to long runs. It has vast tooling potential for the increased versatility. This means ability to produce variety of components without re-tooling. This results in significant saving in production cost and noticeable increase in productivity. This has a great impact on job work cost and so we are able to do job work with excellent quality at affordable cost.. DURMAPRESS® CNC Turret Punch Press of reputed makes bed size of 1.25 x 2.5 mtr and tonnage range of 20 to 300 Tons. We have a large stock of the tools required for turret punch press operations.Bed size: 1.25 x 2.5 m Tonnage: 20 to 30 T

Product Details

A kind of CNC Turret Punch Press based coordinated punching machine, there are up 46 working station on the turret, which hold the different shapes and size tools. By the intelligent CAM software it can realize punch holes, forming, and wheel rolling fabrication.
D-T30: Engergy-saving, less than 2KW H Economical choice for mass production
D-T50: 50 tons machine 32 Working station, super rigid frame, long servicing life
D-M25 : Mini design & less land requirement

Applications for CNC Turret Punching Press

Turret punching is a cost effective option for high quantity jobs with relatively simple profiles. A turret punching press allows for stamped features such as louvers, card guides, lances, electrical knockouts, and dimples.


What Are Considerations for Turret Punching Press?

Hard tooling with a turret punch press requires a longer set up time than laser cutting or waterjet cutting, so smaller quantity runs may not be cost effective. For prototyping, waterjet cutting or laser cutting are usually a better choice.

The cutting paths may be limited by the tooling available. Complex shapes may need to be cut by a process called nibbling which may leave a segmented edge as opposed to a smooth line.


CNC turret punch Press is a process in sheet metal manufacturing where shapes are cut by a punch press out of a piece of metal. The CNC turret punch press is programmed to move the sheet of metal into position along a X/Y axis, so the punching arm cuts out the form. Different tools are available in the turret, so a variety of shapes and forms can be punched out from the sheet.


Durmapress Punching System

The system can automatically search, to select the most suitable tool to processing, and display stamping time, processing capacity, die life (punches), etc.


Seamless Working Table

Seamless worktable design, when the plate moved, it can avoid the plate and the worktable make a collision, guide rail, ball screw dust-proof protection.
The standard workbench size is 1250*5000mm, and the maximum load-bearing capacity is 150KG. Different sizes of workbenches can be customized according to customer needs. The maximum support is 2000*7000mm size workbenches, and the maximum load-bearing capacity is 300~400KG.

Turret Structure

The turret is made of 40Cr, completed in MAZAK 5 axes machining center. Bushing design makes the long servicing life of the turret



Pneumatic Floating Clamp

With clamp automatic avoid collision function, can make no dead area for punching on sheet.

Programmable Sheet Clamps
The position of the sheet clamps are automatically set by standard program information. Contact sensors automatically stop the machine if these sensors detect any movement of the sheet while it is clamped.


Ball Screw and Guild Linear

1. High positioning accuracy
2. Low loss can maintain accuracy for a long time
3. Suitable for high-speed movement and greatly reduce the required driving horsepower of the machine
4. Can bear the load in the up, down, left and right directions at the same time
5. Easy to assemble and interchangeable
6. Simple lubrication structure


Auto-Index Station

The auto-index station can rotate 360°, and the material can be processed at a 360° angle, which greatly improves the flexibility and efficiency of machine processing



Servo Drive System

The punch servo utilizes a direct drive gearbox that supplies power and speed. This servo allows the user to steplessly adjust the punch stroke and accommodate any pressure curve requirements.
The AC punch servo motor can be programmed for various applications.
1. High speed applications.
2. Low noise applications.
3. Forming applications.


Content Required Parameter
Station Tool Size 16 stations 24 Stations 32 Stations
A Φ1.5 - Φ12.7 6 12 16
B Φ12.7 - Φ31.7 6 8 12
C Φ31.7 - Φ50.8 2 2 2
D Φ50.8 - Φ88.9 2 2 2
DURMAPRESS Economic Smart Series

Includes Following Features And Properties

Technical Parameter

Name Unit Specification
Press Capacity T 30 50 25
Frame Construction   O- Frame O- Frame O- Frame
Max. Sheet Size ( With one reposition) mm 1250*5000 1250*5000 1250*5000
Max. Sheet Thickness mm 4 6 4
Max. Hole Diameter mm Φ88.9 Φ88.9 Φ31.7 / Φ88.9
Stroke mm 40 40 40
Max. Hit Rate hpm 280(30mm pitch) 160(30mm pitch) 260(30mm pitch)
Max. Feed Rate m/min 80 80 80
Clamps No. pcs 2 2 2
Re-positioning Cylinder set 2 2 2
No. of Stations pcs 16□ 24□ 32□ 16□ 24□ 32□ 24
Turret Rotating Speed rpm 30 30 30
Turret Positioning   Double cylinder positioning Double cylinder positioning Double cylinder positioning
Air Pressure mpa 0.6 0.6 0.6
Die Form Yes Mosaic turret ,Long guide tool Mosaic turret ,Long guide tool Mosaic turret ,Long guide tool
Punching Accuracy mm ±0.10 ±0.10 ±0.10
No. of Controlling Axis pcs 3(X/Y/T)/4(X/Y/T/C) 3(X/Y/T)/4(X/Y/T/C) 3(X/Y/T)
Total Power kw 14/15 14/15 14/15


Name Details Manufacturer Remarks
Line Guider PMI/HIWIN Taiwan  
Ball Screw •PMI/HIWIN Taiwan  
Controller Unit •Durmapress China Siemens Optional

Servo Motor

•Siemens Gemany  
Single Valve •Azbil Japan  
Coupling •Mayr Japan  
Reduction Gears •KOFON South Korea  
Electromagnetic Valve •Airtac Taiwan  
Magnet Switch •Airtac  
Air Cylinder •Airtac  
Power Module OMRON Japan  
Bearing  • KRW German  

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