Profile Bending Machine
Profile Bending Machine
W24S Series Hydraulic Profile Bending Machine
Durmapress® The profile bending machines are designed to bend different types of profiles, from commercial to special ones. They are equipped with three driving rolls, with two independent translating side rolls and a fixed upper roll. They can work on horizontal or vertical position, they are complete with two digital readouts, placed on the control console, which indicate the position of the two side bending rolls.
WYQ24 Series Hydraulic Profile Bending Machine
Durmapress® This type of machine belongs to half hydraulic profile bending machine.It is commonly applied in the fields of petrol,chemical, shipyard, metal working and machine manufacturing industries.
Bending and checking circle will be completed as long as the machine starts feeding. Actually,two bottom rollers are fixed and hydraulic oil tank always supports top roller to move.Hydraulic motor acts as the power of three drive rolls.
DURMAPRESS High Standard Level
Durmapress focus on the production of various types of machinery products to meet the user’s customized needs, but also access to many professional institutions of certification and recognition, to ensure that each customer’s machinery and equipment is to achieve the world’s technical level of products.
Over the years, Durmapress has continuously focused on the research and development and innovation of machinery manufacturing technology, and has produced the machinery and equipment they need for thousands of corporate customers around the world.
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