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QC12Y 6x3200 shearing machine arrived our Australia workshop

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QC12Y 6x3200 shearing machine arrived our Australia workshop

Machine Model : QC12Y-6x3200 hydraulic shearing machine 

Control system : E21 NC control system 

The Photo all from our clients , Machine delivery to Australia . 

When the machine arrived , our clients feel very satisfied with our quality very mush even he came to our factory before .

But when he see his machines ,also surprise and happy to find all details can meet his demands . 

He take and send me all photos , happy to make orders with us .

He said he want make more and more business with us in the future , of course will help us promote our machines . 

So if any clients in Australia want to see our machine , contact me , I will send the contact of our clients to you . 

He will introduce the machine and our company to you .

QC12Y 6x3200 metal plate cutting machine .jpg3200mm width shearing machine from Durmapress .jpg

6mm thickness metal plate shearing machine .jpg6x3200 hydraulic shearing machine to Australia workshop.jpg

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