Rust removal mold laser cleaning machine Product introduction & Laser cleaning features

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Rust removal mold laser cleaning machine Product introduction & Laser cleaning features

Rust removal mold laser cleaning machine Product introduction:

HT-FB100W-S Fiber Laser Cleaning Machine is a high-tech product integrating laser, computer, automatic control and precision machinery technology.

The cleaning machine adopts lens scanning mode, which has high speed, high precision and can work for a long time. It can be cleaned in most metallic materials and some non-metallic materials such as silicon, rubber, epoxy, ceramic, marble and other materials.

The HT-FB100W-S fiber laser cleaning machine has good laser optical mode (M2 < 2) Small size of equipment; Stable and reliable operation, no need for water cooling system, no need for light path adjustment and component replacement, easy maintenance; The equipment has high electro-optic conversion efficiency and low energy consumption. Good cleaning quality; Laser power and frequency are controlled by computer, easy to realize marking automation.

The company provides special cleaning software based on laser cleaning platform. Real-time control of laser power and pulse frequency:

HT-FB100W-S fiber laser cleaning machine is designed to meet international safety and operation standards.

The whole machine is guaranteed for two years. During the warranty period, the company shall be responsible for the warranty of any defect or fault caused by the manufacture of the products.

Laser has high brightness, high directivity, high monochromatism and high coherence, which is incomparable to ordinary lighting sources. After the laser beam is focused, it can produce thousands of degrees or even tens of thousands of degrees of high temperature at the focal point, which makes it possible to process almost all materials.

Laser cleaning is the use of laser beam in a variety of different material surface scanning permanent cleaning. The effect of cleaning is to expose the deep material through the evaporation of the surface material, or "wash" the marks through the chemical and physical changes of the surface material caused by the action of light energy, showing the rust and oil that need to be cleaned.

laser cleaning machine  features

1) It can be used for cleaning a variety of metal and non-metal materials, especially for high hardness, high melting point and brittle materials.

2) belongs to non-contact processing, no damage to the product, no tool wear, good cleaning quality.

3) The laser beam is thin, the processing material consumption is small, and the cleaning heat affected zone is small.

4) High cleaning efficiency, using computer control, easy to achieve automation.

5) Not easy to fake.

Laser type

HT-FB100W-S fiber laser cleaning machine, the laser used belongs to the 4 types of laser, is the highest laser can cause harm to human body if not used properly, users should take protective measures according to the requirements of this manual.

The Hazard of Laser

The HT-FB100W-S fiber laser cleaner's laser output is invisible infrared light, which can cause third-degree burns even when out of focus.

The output beam of the device contains both visible and invisible radiation. Harmful to the eyes. Do not look directly at laser beams. Do not look directly at the aiming beam (indicating laser). Also prohibit the beam from shining into the eyes of others. Despite the low power of the aiming beam, direct vision is still harmful to the human eye.

Explosions and fires

HT-FB100W-S fiber laser cleaning machine is not suitable for flammable and explosive occasions. Also do not use in the presence of volatile solvents such as alcohol, gasoline, etc.

Electrical safety

HT-FB100W-S fiber laser cleaning machine should not be arbitrarily disassembled, there is high pressure, easy to cause harm to human body. In case of failure, only professional and technical personnel can turn on the machine electrified.

Product parameters:

Input power supply:

Input voltage: 220V± 10%.

Frequency rate: 50 Hz.

Input power: 1500W.

Laser output:

Wave length: 1064 um.

Work rate: 20 W.

Instability: < 5%.

Beam quality: M2 < 2

Modulation frequency: 20KHz ~ 80KHz.


Host weight: 200 kg


Cleaning width: 110 mm.

Cleaning speed: 1 ~ 7000 mm/s.

Minimum line width: 0.1mm.

Line depth: 0.01 ~ 3 mm (depending on the material).

Cold is:

Cooling method: fan cooling.

HT-FB100W-S Fiber Laser Cleaning Machine is a high-tech product which integrates laser, computer, automatic control and precision machinery technology. The main package

Include the following parts.

1) Laser power supply;

2) fiber laser;

3) Vibroscope scanning system;

4) Automatic focusing system;

5) Computer control system.

Laser power supply

HT-FB100W-S fiber laser washing machine laser power supply is the device to provide power for the fiber laser, its input voltage of 220V alternating current, output of 24V direct current. Install in the main machine of the cleaning machine.

Fiber laser

HT-FB100W-S fiber laser cleaning machine adopts pulse fiber laser, and its main performance indicators are as follows:


Operation mode pulse mode

Output light mode M< 2

The central spectral wavelength is 1060 ±10 um

The output laser power is 20W

Instability of output power. 5%

Pulse width at 20kHz is 100 ns

Pulse frequency 20 kHz ~ 80 kHz

Pulse peak power > 5 kW

Peak pulse power instability < 5%

The output optical fiber 20/125/3000/7000 microns

The output fiber length is 5 m

Output collimating laser diameter Φ10 mm

The pumped laser diode emission wavelength is 970 ±10 nm

Mean time free from failure >; 30000 h

Normal operating temperature 0 C ~ 42 C

Safe storage temperature 0 C ~ +60 C

Indicator wavelength is 650 nm

Refrigeration mode air cooling

The preheating time is 10 s

Normal use humidity 10 % ~ 95 %

The pulsed fiber laser is the core of the entire equipment and is designed to be installed in the washer housing.


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