Six key points of WC67K-160T4000 Hydraulic Press Brake Machine robot selection

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Six key points of WC67K-160T4000 Hydraulic Press Brake Machine robot selection

One, WC67K-160T4000  Hydraulic Press Brake Machine robot advantages

Save time and effort

With the development of society, the cost of labor is higher and higher, workers are difficult to recruit, difficult to manage, high invisible cost.

Robots can work 24 hours a day, without complaint, on call, safe and cheap to use.

Job alignment

Workers bending workpiece will be affected by the worker's experience, emotional fluctuations.

Robot WC67K-160T4000  Hydraulic Press Brake Machine without emotion, also does not need experience, can ensure the consistency of bending workpiece.

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Enhance one's image

Robot bending operation represents the high level of bending automation, reflects the processing ability and scientific research ability of the enterprise, so that the enterprise image and competitiveness rose a level. When the product is updated, the corresponding fixture needs to be designed according to the updated product. The robot body does not need to make any changes, and the corresponding program commands can be changed to achieve the product update.

Low use cost

Workers have all kinds of expenses, wages, insurance accidents, etc. Waste parts and other hidden costs.

Robot bending, like bending machine, is a one-time investment, low maintenance cost, low use cost.

Two, robot bending range of use

The bending machine has a wide range of applications, many kinds, most of the products can use robot bending, but the robot bending there is a long teaching time, the larger difference of the workpiece needs different fixtures and other weaknesses, comprehensive consideration of practicality and competitiveness, the current only specific field using robot bending.

CT 12 PRESS 03

1. Labor-intensive large sheet metal processing field

2. Standard electric cabinet, elevator door panel, security door, etc

3. Single mass bending

4. The overall speed is fast, the workpiece consistency is good, the mood is stable, the hard work is not complaining

5. Repeat bending in multiple batches

6 program written after the second use can directly call the program

3. Basic unit configuration of robot

1. Raw material rack, according to the quantity of raw materials, size, and easy to grab the principle, design separately

2. Secondary positioning, looking for "zero", according to the size of raw materials, separate design

3. Pneumatic sucker, according to the size and position of raw materials, according to the bending process, independently designed

4. The finished product placement table is designed separately according to the size of the finished product

5. Security fence and door lock, the general height is more than 2000mm

Four, optional configuration of bending robot



1. Magnetic splitter, with super magnetic field, magnetize the copper pole of the copper plate to be divided, so that the mutual repulsive force between the multilayer steel plate is generated to achieve the separation

2. Sheet material turnover rack, according to the bending process, double-sided bending used

3. The seventh axis of the robot: multiple bending machines or bending in different positions of the mold. The seventh axis of the robot refers to the NC guide rail component that drives it to move at a large distance.

Five, configuration robot bending requirements

Bending machine requirements

In theory, the electro-hydraulic bending machine of DELEM system can be used. The more axis number of the rear baffle part, the more suitable. The rear baffle is too simple and may need manual adjustment when bending complex workpiece.

Vi. Influencing factors of bending robot selection

Workpiece size

Workpiece weight

Bending technology

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