Supply hydraulic bending machine 4000 hydraulic bending machine 4000 hydraulic bending machine price

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Supply hydraulic bending machine 4000 hydraulic bending machine 4000 hydraulic bending machine price

The 4000 hydraulic bending machine has good rigidity and stability, the whole frame rigidity is good, the work is stable, safe and reliable, easy to operate, through the electrical system and hydraulic system of the bending machine coordinated control, to achieve the ideal bending effect.

DAC360T 系统

1 Frame adopts the whole steel welded structure to ensure the overall accuracy of the machine tool. It has excellent stiffness and excellent anti-distortion and anti-tilt ability. The hydraulic transmission will not be caused by the change of plate thickness or the improper selection of the "V" groove under the die and cause serious overload accident. In addition, the machine has the characteristics of stable work, easy operation, low noise, safe and reliable.

2 The cylinder is provided with a mechanical stop block to ensure the repeated positioning accuracy of the slide block line to the bottom dead point, in order to ensure the consistency of the bending Angle during mass production.

DAC360T 系统2

3. The machine adopts hydraulic and electrical control, the stroke of the slide block can be adjusted arbitrarily, and it has the action specification of point-moving, semi-automatic, automatic and so on. The point-moving specification can be used to test and adjust the mold easily.

工作台 重型闸剪

4 Up-moving bending machine design, double cylinders work at the same time, the operation is balanced, convenient and safe. The dead end has the function of calendering to ensure the accuracy of the workpiece. With a slow descent control function, the operator can better control the workpiece.

The adjustment of the rear baffle is driven by a 0.55KW motor, which is driven by the lead screw after being reduced by the gear. The baffle plate can be adjusted forward or backward by pressing "+" or "-". (digital display size position) when the motor adjustment cannot reach the required adjustment value, the manual adjustment wheel can be rotated for manual fine tuning to ensure the required adjustment value.


The upper die adopts a plurality of piecewise short die, splicing the required length, with high precision, good interchangeability, easy to disassemble and assemble. The connecting part is equipped with a compensation mechanism to compensate the deflection of the table and the slider when bending the sheet material, so as to ensure a higher working accuracy.

The hydraulic system adopts the integrated control system, reduces the pipe installation, adopts the imported sealing ring, improves the working stability of the machine tool, the appearance is beautiful and simple.

DAC360T 系统3

Main configuration (optional) :

1, the main cylinder piston of the machine tool adopts aerospace technology - surface nickel phosphorus treatment, its hardness can reach more than HRC60, and the relative movement of the piston guide sleeve has its own lubricity of the zinc base wear-resistant alloy, can make the cylinder in good working condition for a long time.

2, the use of torsion shaft synchronization, mechanical block, reliable, economic, high precision.

3. The upper die is equipped with winding compensation mechanism.

4. Machine tool Appliance: Schneider Appliance

5. The cylinder is produced by professional manufacturer Jianhu Hydraulic Supporting Co., LTD., and the main seals are produced by Japan Hualka Company.

6. The main parts in the electrical box are produced by Schneider.

7, the hydraulic system all adopts cartridge valve control, the operation is fast and stable, the main hydraulic components of Shanghai hydraulic parts factory.

8, hydraulic pump using aerospace standard low noise internal gear pump NT3 series.


WC67K series hydraulic sheet bending machine can be configured with a variety of models of special numerical control system: DA41, E21+, MD20, etc. With multi-step programming function, it can realize the automatic operation and continuous positioning of multi-step program, and realize the automatic and accurate adjustment of the position of rear stopper and slide block; Bending count, real-time display of processing quantity, power memory after the baffle slider position, program and parameters; The rear stopper adopts imported ball screw and linear guide rail to ensure the positioning accuracy of the rear stopper and higher machining accuracy.

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