TUBE AND SHEET LASER CUTTING MACHINE Automatic Metal Tube Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Durmapress

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TUBE AND SHEET LASER CUTTING MACHINE Automatic Metal Tube Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Durmapress

Dual platform switched TUBE AND SHEET LASER CUTTING MACHINE  is the use of advanced fiber laser output high energy density laser beam, and focus on the workpiece surface, so that the workpiece on the ultrafine focal spot irradiation area instantaneous melting and gasification, through the numerical control mechanical system to move the spot irradiation position and realize automatic cutting.Equipped with automatic exchange table, improve work efficiency.It is a set of TUBE LASER CUTTING MACHINE technology, numerical control technology, precision machinery technology in one of the high-tech equipment.It has the following advantages:


Beam quality: smaller focusing spot, finer cutting lines, higher working efficiency and better processing quality

Cutting speed: 2 times of CO2 laser cutting machine of the same power

Operating cost: the power consumption of the machine is about 30% of that of the traditional CO2 laser cutting machine

Maintenance cost: no laser working gas;Optical fiber transmission, no need for reflective lenses;Can save a lot of maintenance cost

Easy to operate and maintain: optical fiber transmission, no need to adjust the light path

Automatic exchange table: the table automatically exchange, improve work efficiency

Flexible light guide effect: compact size, compact structure, easy to flexible processing requirements.

Fiber laser cutting machine adopts advanced technology, unique design, special cavity, to ensure the stable operation of the system, constant power and lasting.The cutting gap is uniform, and the light calibration and maintenance are convenient.Enclosed light path to guide light, ensure lens clean and service life

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Application industry and cutting materials

Widely used in decoration, advertising signs production, the production of sheet metal processing, high and low voltage electrical cabinets, textile machinery parts, aviation, aerospace, electronics, kitchen utensils and appliances, automobiles, machinery, elevator, electrical parts, leaf spring, subway parts, precision parts, ships, metallurgical equipment, craft gifts, tool processing, metal processing and other manufacturing industries.


1. Pre-sales service: including the consulting service of the engineering and technical personnel of the user unit, the user department, the supply department, etc., for the laser equipment, sample process experiment, equipment selection, etc.This service is free of charge.

2. Installation, commissioning and training: After the equipment is delivered to Party A, Party B shall, with the assistance of Party A, be responsible for the installation, commissioning and delivery of the equipment on Party A's site, and shall bring the necessary special tools and debugging tools with it.And train the operator and maintenance personnel of the buyer again.

The training includes:

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Laser safety protection common sense

The basic principle of laser and the structure of laser cutting machine

Operation skills of control system

Equipment operation and precautions

Equipment daily maintenance, laser adjustment and spare parts replacement operation skills

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