The structure of CNC punch machine and its blanking accuracy testing method

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The structure of CNC punch machine and its blanking accuracy testing method

The structure of CNC punch machine and its blanking accuracy testing method

CNC punch as a general machinery is widely distributed, its structure determines its functional effect, for blanking when the precision control also has a great difference, the following xiaobian take you to understand the knowledge about this aspect, let's see!


CNC punch structure:

1. Servo unit, driving device and measuring device: ensure sensitive and accurate tracking of CNC device instructions, including feed movement instructions and spindle movement instructions, etc. Servo motor, linear guide rail, ball screw, coupling, pneumatic components and electrical parts are imported brands, to ensure the accuracy and stability of the equipment.

2. PLC and equipment I/O circuit and device: accept THE M, S and T instructions of CNC, decode them and convert them into corresponding control signals, and control auxiliary devices to complete the corresponding switching action of equipment; Receive I/O signals from the operation panel and equipment side and send them to the CNC device. After processing, output instructions control the working state of the CNC system and the action of equipment.

3, operation panel: operator to CNC punch tool for instruction - daily use of the computer. Using the most popular Windows 7/10 computer operating system, AutoCAD graphics automatic conversion processing procedures, flexible and convenient operation. Learning is not troublesome, basically a little cad based learning is easier.

4. CNC system. This paper mainly introduces the core of CNC system -CNC device. According to the input parts processing procedures for the corresponding processing (such as motion track processing, CNC punch input and output processing, etc.), and then output control commands to the corresponding implementation components (servo unit, drive device and PLC, etc.).


5, control medium and input and output equipment: control medium is the medium of recording parts processing procedures, input and output equipment is the INTERACTION device between CNC system and external equipment. Mainly the control unit.

6, mechanical equipment: the main body of CNC equipment, is the implementation of manufacturing processing parts. The whole bed tempering treatment and then vibration aging treatment, effectively eliminate the internal stress.

CNC punching machine blanking accuracy detection method:

1. Parallelism of the slider stroke to the task table.

The specific detection method of punching accuracy is to use a dial meter to move vertically and horizontally on the bottom of the slide block and the task table, and the large difference of the dial meter reading is the measured value. 0.13mm difference is allowed on the front and rear 1000mm length. For the open hydraulic press, only the front end of the slider is allowed to drift downward, and the sweeper is allowed 0.10mm difference on the left and right 1000mm length.

2, the flatness of the press work table and the bottom surface of the slider.


The specific detection method is to put the inspection surface of the flat ruler on the hydraulic machine table in different directions, and measure the parallelism between the inspection surface of the flat ruler and the task table with the plug ruler. The detection method is to use the gap between the slider bottom of the dial meter and the task table. The tolerance is usually 0.05mm on a 1000mm length.

3. Parallelism of punch die handle hole center line to slide block stroke.

Pull out an experimental rod from the hole in the handle of the slide block die, fasten it on the task table and put a dial meter, make the thimble of the dial meter contact with the appearance of the inspection rod, make the slide block move up and down slowly, and read the large difference of the dial meter reading. Allow 0.05mm difference on 300mm stroke.

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