Under the premise of low temperature bending machines for steel plate to determine the sealing ring

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Under the premise of low temperature bending machines for steel plate to determine the sealing ring

Under the premise of low temperature bending machines for steel plate to determine the sealing ring

First, the requirements of low temperature bending machine seal

1. Use low temperature sealing data

At low temperatures, additional requirements for the temperature resistance of the bending machine.Reasonable determination of sealing data can make the usual hydraulic seal is still applicable to the premise of low temperature operation, simplified step by step, waste.Table 10-1 lists the use limits of different sealing materials.The temperature.

2. The sealing structure accepts the seal of metal bellows bending machine or metal ripple tube -- the seal of general bending machine

From the point of view of heat resistance, the rescue seal ring is the crux of the weak and weak seals of the bending machine.When the temperature exceeds 80℃, the general rubber is not suitable.Temperature ranges from 230 ° C to 250° C, PTFE is not acceptable.In addition, because of the low temperature, the cracking material in the ignition medium in the spring.Therefore, when the temperature exceeds 220 ° C, a metal ripple tube bending machine should be used for sealing.Perhaps use a sealing assembly layout with metal ripple tubes and universal bending machines.

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3. Accept the cooling mode

At low temperatures, the price of the bending machine mould, in order to ensure the reliability of the secret seals, the hydraulic seals are probably cooled, and to prevent the task in the dry shape.Insist that the temperature in the sealing gap is lower than the evaporation temperature of the sealing liquid.

The cooling method is to contain the temperature of the seal.The temperature control of air penetration has scour, congestion and liquid circulation.At low temperatures, you can also use the following options:

1. Use DiPhy1 as the blocking fluid, which is a cold non-pressure heat exchanger to block the liquid to be transported via the pumping screw;

2 when there is no appropriate liquid at -- temperature, can be through the process of nitrogen or gas to resist corrosion caused by atmosphere.

How should we choose the probe of hydraulic bending machine?

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When choosing hydraulic bending machine probe, refer to the following aspects in general.

1, according to the processing of the head

Enterprise or according to the disposal needs of the probe.For example, if you need to measure and calibrate the workpiece in the processing process, or choose the workpiece detection probe;For tool viewing, determine the tool search probe.In addition, it is also possible to determine the hydraulic bending machine probe according to the complexity of the processing.For example, in the processing of complex workpiece, the use of hydraulic bending machine probe, in the processing of simple workpiece when the use of hydraulic bending machine probe.

2. Choose the right stylus

As a part of hydraulic bender measurement, the stylus will directly affect the final measurement of hydraulic bender probe.As a result, the company is able to use a stylus as a reference in the resolution probe.

Generally speaking, the choice of measuring needle follows three criteria, namely rigidity, precision and machining condition.When the workpiece hardness is high, choose rigid stylus, such as stainless steel stylus or tungsten carbide stylus.Otherwise, the rigidity of the stylus may be reduced.When the machining accuracy of the workpiece is high, the measuring accuracy of the measuring needle is also improved. Generally speaking, the shorter the measuring rod, the larger the diameter of the measuring ball or the smaller the number of measuring needle components, the accuracy of the measuring probe of the shearing machine is.In addition, if the vibration in the process is very large, you need to decide on strong vibration resistance of the stylus, such as carbon fiber stylus.

800T 折 10

Probe of hydraulic bending machine is an important aid device in hydraulic bending machine processing.CNC shears of the cutting machine with a lower capital forward machining accuracy and compliance.For companies that want to improve the machining performance of shears, it is an easy and convenient way to test the installation of shears probes.

Reduce gasket adjustment and shorten preparation time.For example, using 1/2 inch (0.0127 meters) and gauge head to form mild steel, the bending radius of the section is approximately 0.078 inches.During bending, the die hole spacing should be 8 times the thickness of the metal material.If the bending machine thick material is 1/4, then fold 10 feet need 200 tons, bending machine mold manufacturers, bottom die bending will need at least 600 tons, if the workpiece of the large department is five feet or shorter, how much bending machine mold, tonnage can be reduced by nearly half, so as to reduce the purchase cost.If a similar small bending radius thickness is applied to the material, the hydraulic sheet bending machine must be formed with a bottom die.Therefore, it is required 10 times the free bending stress.There are many kinds of bending materials, and the thickness of the material should be determined according to the detailed material.Can obtain the machine bending machine manufacturer's tonnage, different thickness, different materials per foot of length required tonnage estimates.

The brand of the material is also a pivotal factor.

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If the bending radius is less than the thickness of the material, the front end should be used for punching the radius is less than the thickness of the material, and the punching bending method will be used.However, the pressure required for bottom die forming is about four times that of free bending.It is often important to use the length of the material to determine the size of a new machine.

Bending radius using bending machine free bending, bending radius of the mold hole interval of 0.156 times.

Bender under the same load, table and slider torque is 5 feet 10 feet machine 4 times.In other words, the machine requires fewer gaskets and shorter adjustments to produce qualified parts.Stainless steel and low carbon steel compare, usually need to load increased by about 50%, although most brands of soft aluminum reduced by about 50%.

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