Use 1500-2000 hours maintenance punching machine maintenance notes

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Use 1500-2000 hours maintenance punching machine maintenance notes

Use 1500-2000 hours maintenance punching machine maintenance notes:

Test and adjust the function of oil discharge and pressure detection of slippery grease. Air system filter, oil feeder adjusting valve and other functions and water impurities testing inspection and necessary adjustment. 3. Air pressure switch setting value inspection and pressure detection function test and adjustment. Check the set value of the module height indicator switch and check and adjust the measured value. Check and adjust sprocket, chain, drive shaft, worm gear and other parts for loose, abnormal and chain tension. Remove the top cover of the gear box, check the wear of the internal parts and the loosening of the key position, clean the oil tank and lubricating oil

CNC turret punch replacement and operation status, noise, vibration test and inspection. Test and adjust the amount and pressure of the oil injection point in each part of the transmission system. Check and adjust the piston action, brake Angle, brake clearance and disc wear of brake release mechanism.


Measure the gap between the guide rail and the guide road and check the friction surface, adjust and correct if necessary. Add manual lubrication grease to flywheel bearings, pipelines, joints and other inspection. Balance cylinder action status and oil lubrication system, joints and other test inspection. Test and inspect insulation impedance of motor circuit and electrical operating circuit. Machine accuracy (verticality, parallelism, integrated clearance, etc.) test, adjust and correct if necessary. Clean and inspect the appearance and accessories of the press, and adjust the fastening screws of the mechanical foot (base) and the level of the nut when necessary. Cleaning, maintenance and inspection of pumps, pipeline valves of lubricating oil feeding system. Air system of pneumatic components, pipeline cleaning and maintenance and action test inspection.

Maintain the photoelectric safety device performance test and adjustment of projection Angle and area for 3000-4000 hours. Other appearance of electrical system, contact wear and connection loose spot inspection, testing, inspection and adjustment of the function of two degree rotation CAM switch box and emergency stop circuit. Overload protection device for oil cleaning, oil chamber cleaning, oil replacement and pressure action and function test adjustment. Check and adjust the wear and tension of V belt of main motor. Disassembly and decomposition of all parts of the release brake mechanism (excluding flywheel) cleaning and maintenance, clearance inspection and adjustment and installation and debugging. Disassembly and decomposition of other parts of balancer, cleaning inspection and assembly debugging. Use 6000-8000 hours maintenance saw tooth connecting rod disassemble, clean and maintain, check saw tooth and connecting rod thread bite and wear condition, and polish, polish the bite surface and apply grease. Slider assembly (tee, stud cover. Overload hydraulic cylinder, worm gear, worm, etc.) disassembly and decomposition, cleaning and maintenance, clearance adjustment and wear surface, oil seal inspection and reapply lubricating grease. Disassemble and disassemble the die pad, clean and check the wear surface and reapply grease before assembly and test run.

Punch widely used in electronics, communications, computers, household appliances, furniture, transportation, (automobile, motorcycle, bicycle) hardware parts stamping and forming.

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1. (1) High rigidity, high precision frame, steel plate welding, and after heat treatment, eliminate the internal stress of the fuselage to make the equipment long-term stable work without deformation.

(2) the load of structural parts is uniform and the rigidity is balanced.

2. Stable high precision:

The main parts of the equipment crankshaft, gear, drive shaft and other parts have high wear resistance after hardening and heat treatment in grinding process, long-term stability of performance, to ensure the high precision and stability requirements.

3. Reliable and safe operation performance:

The reason why the operation is convenient, accurate positioning is different from the traditional brake, clutch/brake combination device has a high sensitivity, coupled with the international high-end equipment common double electromagnetic control valve and overload protection device, to ensure the precision and safety of the high-speed movement and stop of the press slider.

4. Production automation, labor - saving, high efficiency.

Punch can be matched with the corresponding automatic feeding device, with feeding error detection, pre-cut, pre-break device, can fully realize automatic production, low cost, high efficiency.

5. Slider adjustment mechanism:

Slip-fast adjustment is divided into manual adjustment and electric adjustment, which is convenient, reliable, safe and fast, and the accuracy can reach 0.1mm.

6. Novel design, environmental protection.

Adopting advanced technology and design concept from Japan and Taiwan, it has the advantages of low noise, low energy consumption and no pollution.

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