WC67K Series
Hydraulic Press Brake-Torsion Bar
WC67K Series
Product Description
DURMAPRESS® WC67K Series Hydraulic NC Press Brake, it’s an affordable Hydraulic bending machine, an impressive number of features and options. Competitive pricing with advanced ESTUN E21 NC Controller which is a simple NC control system . Control X axis working into position accurately and will work better accompany with FREQUENCY . It Can program the software for future usage and has memory,  set up different steps in one program, X/Y two axis
Standard Equipment
  • Standard Equip NC ESTUN E21 with Numberical Control
  • DURMAPRESSR BGA-2 for X=500mm X,R-Axis Manual
  • DURMAPRESSR Normal Siemens Motor
  • Tool kit: 4 V die(V=16-22-35-50) series of 835mm punches
  • DURMAPRESS Hydraulic crowning system as optional
  • The Travel switch controls the up and down movement of the slider
  • Rexroth Valve from Gemany
  • USA Sunny Oil Pump
  • Easy Bending Fast Clamp to change toolings
  • Invertor to positioning backguage one time
  • Full electrical components 
  • CE & ISO Certification

ESTUN E21 NC System

•   Backgauge control

•  Control the common motor or inverter

•  Intelligent positioning

•  Holding pressure unloading time setting.

•  Workpiece counting

•  40 programs stored, 25 steps per program
•  Unilateral positioning
•  Concession function.
•  One-key backup / restore. mm / inch
•  Chinese / English

Over 15 Years Of Experience In Top Level Controls

  1. The whole EU streamlined design, heat treatment rack, high rigidity worktable, optional mechanical compensation device, to achieve precision bending.
  2. Hydraulic synchronous control and Estun NC programmable logic controller ensure accurate repeatability and ease use.
  3. Integrated hydraulic system (Bosch Rexroth Germany) allows automatically switch to slow bends in a quick way.
  4. X axis and Y axis realize accurate positioning function by frequency converter through NC E21 system programming control.
  5. Cutting-edge frequency response hydraulic control technology, more stable machine tools, more reliable operation.
  6. The best ratio of parameters, optimal core configuration ensure stable performance, more convenient operation.
  7. WC67K standard single-axis back gauge system and single-axis bending angle system, you can choose to add the V-axis compensation function, and select the appropriate mold to bend complex shape workpieces easily.


Durmapress ® Quick Clamp System



Safe and fast tool change
Can be used without modifying Europe type punches
Front clamp - vertical tool change
Rear clamp - horizontal tool change


SDKELI Lazer Protection

The sensor can be used alone with the bending machine system. 3 laser beams corresponds to 6 0SSDoutputs, and each laser beam can provide two ways of independent safety output, and the output form isPNP.
lt is in ON state during light transmitting to output a high level; during light shading, it is in OFF state tooutput a low level.After removing the light shading object, osSD will automatically enter the ON state.
Product features :
 •As a Class 1 laser product, it is safe to human eyes;
 •L-type protection beam is set up near the upper die tip on the bending machine, and the beam should move in parallel to the upper die tip;
 •lt provides a complete functional design to meet the safety protection requirements of bending machinefor processing parts in different shapes;
 •lt has a independent controller system, which is also applicable to the bending machine without editingability;
lts has a high anti-electromagnetic interference, light interference ability.

DURMAPRESS Siemens Main Motor

Compared to traditional stepper motors, the advantages of using servo motors include: improve the accuracy to ± 0.01mm, the noise decrease to 25 decibels, reduce energy consumption by 60%, consump 70% less hydraulic oil and 30% higher efficiency.


Kacon Foot Switch

The Kacon HRF-HD3N medium duty foot switch has a 1 NO + 1 NC contact arrangement with momentary operation and a die cast aluminum housing. Features integrated Z type micro switch. Rated IP 65. Operation: The pedal is held down to power the switch on, and released to turn off.


Switch Dimensions- 100mm W x 211mm L x 125mm H
Foot Switch Operation- Momentary
Contact Arrangement- 1 NO + 1 NC
Rated Current- 15A, 250V AC
Integrated Switch- Z Type Micro Switch (CE Certified)
Housing Material- Die Cast Aluminum
Cable- 1/2" Tap Flexible Cable (Zinc connector 10-16)
Ingress Protection- IP 65
Approvals- UL & CUL Recognized, CE

DURMAPRESS X-axis Stepper Motor

X axis is driven by stepper motor andinverter with high positioning accuracy,unique designed synchronous trans-mission mechanism, reliable and stable.

Press Brake X-Axis NC BackGauge

Manual R axis

DURMAPRESS® NC Press Brake Successfully controlling precision & productivity, modern sheet metal production is inconceivable without high performance software. Highly effective control algorithms optimize the machine cycle, reduce the time required for set-up and ensures consistently high quality.


DURMAPRESS ® Press Brake Toolings 

Stress Analysis & Finite Element Analysis

DURMAPRESS ® Press Brake is a machine pressing tool for bending sheet and plate material, most commonly sheet metal. It forms predetermined bends by clamping the workpiece between a matching punch and die. Tooling tolerances should be checked each time a punch and die are selected. It is the operator’s responsibility to ensure the tooling fitrs the manufacturer’s specifications, as well as making any adjustments necessary.


DURMAPRESS Economic Smart Series

Includes Following Features And Properties

Technical Parameter

Model Force Max. Length Vertical Depth Stroke Max. Opening Power X-travel X-speed L*W*H(mm) Weight
    A B D C E          
300Kn 1600mm 860mm 320mm 100mm 320mm 3KW 500mm 200mm/s 1850*1650*2150 2.6Ton
400Kn 2500mm 1960mm 400mm 100mm 320mm 5.5KW 500mm 200mm/s 2850*1650*2150 3.8Ton
630Kn 2500mm 1960mm 400mm 120mm 480mm 5.5KW 500mm 200mm/s 2850*1750*2250 5Ton
630Kn 3200mm 2600mm 400mm 120mm 480mm 5.5KW 500mm 200mm/s 3550*1750*2350 5.5Ton
800Kn 2500mm 1960mm 400mm 120mm 480mm 7.5KW 500mm 200mm/s 2850*1750*2350 5.85Ton
800Kn 3200mm 2600mm 400mm 120mm 480mm 7.5KW 500mm 200mm/s 3850*1850*2550 6.5Ton
1000Kn 2500mm 1960mm 400mm 150mm 480mm 7.5KW 500mm 200mm/s 2850*1750*2380 6.8
1000Kn 3200mm 2600mm 400mm 150mm 480mm 7.5KW 500mm 200mm/s 3850*1850*2600 7.2Ton
1000Kn 4000mm 3200mm 400mm 150mm 480mm 7.5KW 500mm 200mm/s 4610*1850*2700 8Ton
1250Kn 3200mm 2600mm 400mm 150mm 480mm 7.5KW 500mm 200mm/s 3850*1850*2600 7.5Ton
1250Kn 4000mm 3200mm 400mm 150mm 480mm 7.5KW 500mm 200mm/s 4610*1850*2700 8.5Ton
1600Kn 3200mm 2600mm 400mm 200mm 480mm 11KW 500mm 200mm/s 3900*1900*2600 10.3Ton
1600Kn 4000mm 3200mm 400mm 200mm 480mm 11KW 500mm 200mm/s 4650*1900*2700 11.2Ton
2000Kn 3200mm 2600mm 400mm 200mm 480mm 15KW 500mm 200mm/s 3900*1900*2700 13Ton
2000Kn 4000mm 3200mm 400mm 200mm 480mm 15KW 500mm 200mm/s 4700*1900*2700 15.5Ton
2500Kn 3200mm 2600mm 400mm 200mm 480mm 15KW 500mm 200mm/s 3900*2100*2800 16Ton
2500Kn 4000mm 3200mm 400mm 200mm 480mm 15KW 500mm 200mm/s 4650*2100*2850 18Ton
3000Kn 3200mm 2600mm 400mm 200mm 480mm 22KW 500mm 200mm/s 3930*2110*3200 18.5Ton
3000Kn 4000mm 3200mm 400mm 200mm 480mm 22KW 500mm 200mm/s 4830*2110*3200 21Ton
4000Kn 4000mm 3200mm 400mm 320mm 600mm 30KW 500mm 200mm/s 4850*2450*3500 28Ton
5000Kn 6000mm 4900mm 500mm 320mm 600mm 37KW 800mm 200mm/s 6500*2810*4500 42Ton
6000Kn 6000mm 4900mm 500mm 320mm 600mm 45KW 800mm 200mm/s 6500*2910*5100 50Ton
8000Kn 6000mm 4720mm 700mm 400mm 600mm 55KW 800mm 200mm/s 6500*2950*5300 75Ton


Name Details Manufacturer Remarks
Hydraulic system •Open loop Rexroth  
Back gauge •X axis Durmapress   
Oil pump •Sunny oil pump Sunny  
Main power system •AC motor Siemens  
Front material •Simple fixed type Durmapress   
•Single rail movable type Optional
Electric •Schneider Relay Schneider Open door power protection
Foot switch •Korean Kaikun vertical switch    
Mold clamping •Fast Clamp Durmapress  
Punch &Die •Multi-V die Durmapress  
•Double V core with lower die Durmapress  
Security • Side (Guardrail) + Rear (Guardrail) Durmapress   
• Side (Guardrail  ) + Rear (Guardrail)
• Side (Guardrail ) + Rear (Guardrail)
Security •Laser Production SDKELI / DSP  Optional
Deflection compensation  •Hydraulic compensation Durmapress  Optional
Optional Controller 


  • 4 axes are supported, viz, X-axis, Y-axis, R-axis and C-axis.
  • Automatic calculation of the block position, according to the bending angle, material, thickness and mold parameters.
  • The back gauge can be controlled in a high-accuracy since the servo systems control X-axis and R-axis.
  • Optional hydraulic or mechanical to control the V-axis
  • Program in absolute value or angle.

Delem DA-41T

  • High-definition LCD display
  • Control slider stop position
  • Backgauge control
  • Angle programming
  • Setting die parameters
  • Material-escaping control function
  • 100 programs, 25 process steps per program
  • Servo motor control, servo drive control Die library
  • mm / inch
  • Chinese / English

CybTouch 8

  • Large, vivid and high-contrast fully touch screen.. Simple pages, clear display, large keys.
  • Very simple single bends with EasyBend page.
  • Complete programming allows efficient mass-production of parts with multiple bends..Online help and warning pop-ups make it a very user-friendly software.
  • Available in many languages.
  • Comfortable wireless software updating and data backup using PC or Notebook.

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