WYQ24 Series
Half-Hydraulic Profile Bending Machine 
Product Description

The DURMAPRESS ®Bending and checking circle will be completed as long as the machine starts feeding. Actually,two bottom rollers are fixed and hydraulic oil tank always supports top roller to move.Hydraulic motor acts as the power of three drive rolls.High-quality bending of asymmetric profiles can be guaranteed with the side guide rollers .This machine not only has small volume and full function,but also has advanced and reliable structure.It can be classified into advanced profile bending equipment in the world so far.


Standard Component

High-rigidity steel welded construction frame
Top roll hydraulically moves up and down
High-grade standard solid rolls
Superior hand-control guide rolls
Conveniently operate movable control panel
High-precision digital read out for top roll

Optional Component

Pipe and tube bending rolls
Various profile bending rolls
Angle bending rolls


High-rigidity steel welded construction frame
Superior hardened shafts from special steel material
Top roll hydraulically does movement
Customer can select horizontal or vertical working position
Simply operate mobile control panel
DURMAPRESS Economic Smart Series

Includes Following Features And Properties

Technical Data

Technical data W24S
6 16 30 45 75 100 140 180
Max. Bending resistant modulus 6 16 30 45 75 100 140 180
Bending speed 6 5 4
Yield limit S=245Mpa
Angle, inner bending Max.section size 40x5 70x8 80x8 90x10 100x10 120x12 140x16 150x16
Angle, outer bending Max.section size 50x5 80x8 90x10 100 120x12 140x16 150x16 160x16
outer bending
Channel size 8 12 16 20 25 28 30 32
inner bending
Channel size 8 12 16 20 25 28 30 32
flat bending
Max. Section size 100x18 150x25 180x25 200x30 220x40 250x40 280x50 300x50
vertical bending
Max. Section Dia. 50x12 75x16 90x20 100x25 110x40 120x40 150x40 180x30
Tube bending Max. Section size 42x4 76x4.5 89x5 89x8 114x5 159x5 168x6 168x8
Rod bending Max. Section size 38 52 62 75 85 90 100 110
Square bending Max. Section size 45x3 60x4 70x4 980x6 90x8 100x10 125x10 140x10


Name Details Manufacturer Remarks
Electric parts •SCHNEIDER FRANCE  
Rolls (steel 45 with quenching treatment) •Durmapress China  
Electric motor  •LICHAO Durmapress   
Gearbox •ZSY hardened reducer(whole welded machine cover) Weilisi,China  
Gear •Durmapress China  

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