Welcome Mr.JI Visit Durmapress Puchase WC67K 100T 2500

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Welcome Mr.JI Visit Durmapress Puchase WC67K 100T 2500

we picked Mr.Ji who come from Shandong with gentry and nice up to our factry at 8th December 2017 .Today is very cold day ! Mr.JI is amazed with so clold weather in Maanshan city.we have discussed many details of the press brake machine by phone before he come to factory.This time he has some business trip and want to confirm this machine by this trip.

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Mr.JI is prepared for purchase the WC67K 100T 2500 hydraulic press brake with E200 NC Control System,and need to equipped some high Configuration,like the Laser protection device .Our engineer Mr.Yuan answered some professional questions of the machine,and show some Processing procedures in the workshop to him.Mr.JI very satisfied with our machine quality and service !And make the decision after goling to Changzhou !

Looking forward to the Cooperation with Mr.Ji and wish Mr.Ji have a nice trip in the next station !




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