Welcome Mr.Zhu from Shanghai visited Durmapress factory again

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Welcome Mr.Zhu from Shanghai visited Durmapress factory again

Mr.zhu is from Shanghai city in China,who is very professional in exporting the machines.He helped clients purchase the good quality machines from China for about 20 years.we are admire his professionalism.

Last month ,he has customers need the press brake machine so come to our factory to check our machine quality with his colleague.Mr.zhu take many photos of our machines and factory to send to his clients,and ask many professional questions about the press brake details.Candy also introduce the machines details to him Patiently.So last time ,we leave a good impression to Mr.Zhu.


This month,Mr.zhu still want to know some optional parts of the machines,and come to our factory again by himself.He is very responsible purchaser for customer.

So this time,he recommend the WC67Y 63T 2500 with E21 controller system to customer as our first cooperation.and add some optional parts :fast clamp ,Ball screws and so on.when customer receive the machines and satisfied with that,we will cooperate with long term .but i believe that we will cooperate in the near future !

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Wish Mr.Zhu come to Durmapress factory again and have a nice day 

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