What is the situation when there is oil leakage of CNC plate shearing machine at work

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What is the situation when there is oil leakage of CNC plate shearing machine at work

CNC shearing machine at work when there is oil leakage phenomenon is what situation, if we found that the hydraulic shearing machine oil leakage should be how to deal with it? Through the following iron xiaobian introduction to learn together:

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Reasons for insufficient output flow of hydraulic plate shears:

1 another point is that when adjusting the tilt plate of the hydraulic shearing machine, the Angle problem is not well controlled, and the Angle adjustment is small to reduce the shear displacement. This is the need to adjust the hydraulic shear above the variable piston to increase the tilt plate Angle

2 Excessive leakage of hydraulic oil can also be one of the main reasons. If the sealing of the tank is not very perfect, there will be oil leakage in the process of plate processing by the hydraulic shearing machine.

3** is the possibility of insufficient oil intake; The main reason for this kind of situation is that the resistance of the suction pipe inside the hydraulic shearing machine is large and the hydraulic oil cannot be supplemented. Another possibility is that the oil in the tank is too low, causing the pipe to leak and the hydraulic filter to clog up.

Dig a small hole on the end cover of the oil pool of the hydraulic shearing machine and weld a stop valve in the operation of the operation of the shears. Add another one: the stop valve should be closed when driving, and immediately open the valve after each shear to facilitate the leakage of trace nitrogen into the oil pool into the atmosphere in time.

When it is found difficult to lift the tool rest, nitrogen should be supplied to the accumulator.


When the tool rest is slowly lifted, the O-ring in the accumulator should be replaced and nitrogen should be sufficient.

When the manual button or foot switch is released, the hydraulic oil in the laid off body is pressed back to the oil pool by moving down the piston of the nitrogen accumulator, and the main cylinder piston is moved up through the oil circuit to make the tool rest rise, and the hydraulic oil in the upper chamber is returned to the oil pool through the main loop.

When nitrogen is filled frequently, the piston in the accumulator needs to be replaced.

Causes and treatment methods of air switch trip of hydraulic plate shears by RUitie CNC shears manufacturer:

There is something wrong with the quality of the main air switch itself. Replace with a new reliable main air switch.

The electrical box may be short-circuited or improperly grounded. Check that some contactors and thermal relays are not out of order.

The three-phase power supply may be missing phase or the voltage may be unstable. The voltage should be restored to normal and the three-phase incoming voltage normal at the same time.

The working current of the motor driving the oil pump exceeds the size of the rated current and will trip. Replace the motor of the oil pump or the oil pump.

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