Why the Chinese steel price rise a lot in 2017

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Why the Chinese steel price rise a lot in 2017

An important feature of the national steel price situation this spring is an all-round rise. From building steel to producing steel, there has been a rise to varying degrees, from bars and tubes to plates, from smelting steel and steel to billets and finished steel.

The first is the cost increase. Since the second half of last year, the prices of raw materials for steelmaking in the country, soaring energy prices and transportation costs have resulted in a significant increase in production and logistics costs and a push up in steel prices.

The Second is a clear increase in demand. In order to resolve the downward pressure on the economy, the decision-making departments have taken various measures to stabilize the economy, especially large-scale capital construction, and have contributed to the steady increase in the overall demand for steel products.

The third point is the Chinese government's increasing awareness of environmental protection. many polluting steel mills have been forced to close down, resulting in a shortage of large quantities of steel and rising prices.

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