Abnormal high pressure processing of hydraulic cnc press brake machine

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Abnormal high pressure processing of hydraulic cnc press brake machine

Because of the mobilization and suspension of the hydraulic strike, the hydraulic trivialization of the hydraulic cnc press brake machine is to be prevented in actual production, and the old fire affects the task of the cnc press brake machine. Therefore, we should adopt passive procedures to regulate it. The fundamental way to prevent extreme low pressure is to equip relief valves and slow down the hydraulic pressure in the loop.

(1) in the hydraulic circuit is equipped with a pressure reducing valve, how much is the cnc press brake machine a, in order to defend the external force and low pressure loop. When cylinder 1 is resting, inertia is used to add pressure to the cylinder and the equipment is equipped with a safety valve to protect against extremely high pressure. Resist extremely high voltage loops due to inactivity of components. When the cylinder 2 drops, assuming that the balance valve 1 is not working, the extremely low pressure is built on the piston rod side, and the safety valve 3 is equipped to prevent this situation. Defend abnormal high voltage circuit during abort. A large hydraulic attack occurs when the hydraulic motor 2 drives the inertial load and the reversing valve 1 goes to the neutral and is equipped with the brake valve 3 to deflate the expanding high pressure oil and, together with the check valve, to draw oil from the fuel tank to fill the vacuum on the other side of the tubing to prevent cavitation.

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(2) slow down the hydraulic attack and apply the flow valve to slow down the hydraulic attack circuit. When driving, electro-hydraulic directional valve 1 and solenoid directional valve 2 reverse together, and the opening of flow valve 3 is slow to open. When the suspension rests, the opening of the flow valve 3 is slowly closed by the solenoid directional valve 2, which slows down the speed of the electric idea, and the electro hydraulic directional valve 1 is in the identity of the electric idea. Acceleration and deceleration are mediated by economical equipment. Through the configuration of hydraulic cylinder at the end of the buffer and road economical use also approximately reduce the hydraulic attack.


How should we choose the probe of hydraulic cnc press brake machine?

When choosing hydraulic bending machine probe, refer to the following aspects in general.

1, according to the processing of the head

Enterprise or according to the disposal needs of the probe. For example, if you need to measure and calibrate the workpiece in the processing process, or choose the workpiece detection probe; For tool viewing, determine the tool search probe. In addition, it is also possible to determine the hydraulic bending machine probe according to the complexity of the processing. For example, in the processing of complex workpiece, the use of hydraulic bending machine probe, in the processing of simple workpiece when the use of hydraulic bending machine probe.

2. Choose the right stylus

As a part of hydraulic bender measurement, the stylus will directly affect the final measurement of hydraulic bender probe. As a result, the company is able to use a stylus as a reference in the resolution probe.


Generally speaking, the choice of measuring needle follows three criteria, namely rigidity, precision and machining condition. When the workpiece hardness is high, choose rigid stylus, such as stainless steel stylus or tungsten carbide stylus. Otherwise, the hydraulic bending machine may reduce the rigidity of the stylus. When the machining accuracy of the workpiece is high, the hydraulic bending machine manufacturer, the measuring accuracy of the measuring needle is also improved, CNC hydraulic bending machine, generally speaking, the shorter the measuring rod, the larger the diameter of the measuring ball or the number of measuring needle components is less, the accuracy of the measuring shearing machine probe; In addition, if the vibration in the process is very large, you need to decide on strong vibration resistance of the stylus, such as carbon fiber stylus.

Probe of hydraulic bending machine is an important aid device in hydraulic bending machine processing. CNC shears of the cutting machine with a lower capital forward machining accuracy and compliance. For companies that want to improve the machining performance of shears, it is an easy and convenient way to test the installation of shears probes.

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When the table of the hydraulic cylinder department of the bending machine moves about the hydraulic oil, the dissolved gas in the hydraulic oil is easy to accumulate and cause bubbles. These bubbles flow into the low-pressure area after the bean section, suddenly high temperature and low pressure micro-spray and repeated influence on the skin of the hydraulic cylinder parts of the four-column bending machine, causing the appearance of the parts cavitation. The cavitation condition of the hydraulic cylinder of the four-column bending machine is related to the structure of the hydraulic system, the hydraulic cylinder parts of the four-column bending machine, the wind of the hydraulic oil, the guard and the mending.

The bending machine is a kind of hydraulic transmission technique for pressure processing device, can be used to perform various forging and reducing the forming foundation. For example, forged steel, molding of metal layouts, pressing of plastic and rubber products. The bending machine is one of the machines that use hydraulic power. At present, hydraulic transmission has become the primary transmission form of pressure processing machines. Bending machines have become required equipment in heavy machinery manufacturing, aerospace, plastics and nonferrous metals.

The hydraulic transmission crushing of the bending machine is mainly based on the pressure change, the system pressure is large, the flow is large and the power is large. Therefore, the power rate of the original thought should be rated, and the attack and vibration in the decompression process should be guarded against, so as to be safe and reliable.

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According to the control process, the bending machine probably realizes rapid decline and slow pressing, pressure maintenance delay, back pressure to stop (any position), pressure, rate and pressure, rate and base work cycle. Hang on for a while and maybe mediate. The hydraulic cylinder is mainly used to set up the workpiece, and needs to test the movement of jet, retreat and stop. For example, when a sheet is being stretched, it needs to be promoted to assist in movement, such as lifting the hydraulic cylinder, holding the hand and pressing forward. It is sometimes necessary to use a crimping roller to overcome the blank to protect the area from wrinkling. The bending machine uses the main actuator (master cylinder) perhaps in the main movement of the input of high pressure (tonnage) as the primary specification of the bending machine, not to mention has been serialized.

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