About the 2000W laser cutting machine in the cutting process discontinuous problem

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About the 2000W laser cutting machine in the cutting process discontinuous problem

Because of its advantages,2000w  laser cutting machine has been widely used in sheet metal processing, kitchenware production, advertising production and other aspects. Laser cutting because of its advantages, so that the cutting process is easier, better to solve the enterprise in the process of cutting problems.

However, in the process of cutting machine work discontinuous problem, how to solve it? Let's take a look at why it exists.

Generally, there are three reasons for this situation:


The first case: the cutting process is suddenly stopped and then restarted; This situation will also appear cutting discontinuous problems, so in the process of operation to strictly in accordance with the instructions to operate, not recklessly, and finally lead to the damage of the cutting machine.


Second case: programming error; When the machine is cutting, it first cuts according to the default program of the system. The first is to draw and then cut. If the closed area is not closed while operating the laser program. This will result in a connection between the local plate and the whole after cutting. At this time, the staff to manually cut off the plate is very easy to lead to scrap. Therefore, this requires a programmer to have the relevant knowledge reserve, when cutting to carefully check, to avoid mistakes.


The third case: auxiliary gas ventilation process; In the cutting process, the auxiliary gas on the one hand is to strengthen the reaction with metal materials, speed up the cutting speed. On the other hand, it is also to blow down melted or vaporized metal, clean the slit. When the auxiliary gas is used up, the machine will automatically stop running, and will continue to run after replacing the gas. This will lead to a slightly different place for re-cutting and stopping, so it leads to discontinuity problems in the cutting process. According to the accumulation of practical operation experience, when replacing the gas to cut again, the cutting speed should be reduced to 5% of the normal cutting speed, and press the start button and speed up button to continue cutting. This avoids the problem of discontinuity.


Whether it is titanium steel, stainless steel or titanium alloy, this method can be used to achieve the continuity of the cutting machine to improve the quality of cutting.

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