Adjusting method of light path of fiber laser 500 watt cutting machine

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Adjusting method of light path of fiber laser 500 watt cutting machine

Fiber laser 500 watt cutting machine also the more widely used in the industrial sector, according to the principle of the high temperature used for processing the surface of the material, the input to the interior of the machine, to meet customer demand, but in the use of laser machine, some people don't know how to adjust the light path, here small make up take you to understand light path adjustment method of laser 500 watt cutting machine.

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Normal light path adjustment

1. The laser from the laser tube should be on top of the lens.

2. The light reflected from the top of the lens should be in the center of the lens.(If not, adjust the three screws behind the block lens. One of the screws behind the block lens is to adjust the left and right direction of the laser, and the other is to adjust the up and down direction of the laser. The middle screw is to adjust the center point.

3. The light from the same lens should be in the center of the same lens.If you do not adjust the 3 screws behind the block lens, the method is the same as above.

Fiber Laser cutter 09

4. For the previous adjustment, place a piece of paper where the laser head shines.See if the laser is in the center of the paper.If not, adjust the three above the laser head, as above, until the light comes out of the middle of the laser head hole.

Adjustment of vertical light path

1. Put a piece of 10mm acrylic on the table of the machine, and then cut a rectangular block of 20x15mm out, and then observe the verticality of the cut out (or directly shoot holes to observe the verticality).

2 if the light to the left and right to adjust the height of the laser tube, if the light before and after the need to adjust the base of the laser tube.If the light bias is not obvious, just adjust it slightly until it is perpendicular to front, back, left and right.

Fiber Laser cutter 21


1. The inner protective lens of the laser head of the laser cutting machine should be checked once a day.When the collimator or focusing lens needs to be disassembled, record the disassembly process, especially pay attention to the installation direction of the lens, do not install wrong;

2. Before opening the water cooler, check the water level of the water cooler. It is strictly prohibited to open the water cooler when there is no water or the water level is too low, so as not to cause damage to the water cooler.The inlet and outlet pipes of the water cooler are strictly prohibited from extrusion or trampling, and the waterway should be kept unblocked.

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3. The operator of the laser cutting machine or the personnel who are close to the laser during the use of the laser should wear appropriate laser protective goggles and wear protective clothing. In the area where the protective goggles are worn, there must be good indoor lighting to ensure the smooth operation of the operator;

4. When using gas cylinders, it is necessary to avoid crushing the wires, water pipes and air pipes to avoid the occurrence of electricity leakage, water leakage and air leakage.The use and transportation of gas cylinders shall comply with the monitoring regulations for gas cylinders.Do not expose cylinders in the sun or near a heat source.When opening the bottle valve, the operator must stand on the side of the bottle tip;

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