Adjustment of machines hydraulic press brake

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Adjustment of machines hydraulic press brake

Adjustment of machines hydraulic press brake:

1. Machine tool adjustment hydraulic press brake

2, bending machine to remove the upper and lower die, rear retaining device. To reduce the cost of machine tool acquisition.

3, bending machine another slider "T" on the mold plate, zhuhai CNC bending machine, and flip leveling. Main function: press the upper die, but must press to the upper die die stamping *.

4, bending machine to remove the next die workbench, CNC bending machine price, and do another widening, grinding "U" type with "T" groove workbench in the middle. The main function of "U" type working table is to restrict the series movement of the mould and make the mould slide along the length direction of the working table. "T" groove for fixing molds.

5. Each end of the bending machine table makes an adjustable travel block. The adjustable stroke block can limit the working stroke of the mold and protect the mold.

6. Adjust the travel switch and time relay of the bending machine to the appropriate position. The stroke of the bending machine shall be slightly greater than or equal to the stroke of the adjustable stroke block, and the time relay shall be lowered (generally less than 1s) to improve the working frequency and get the corresponding working pressure.

7, bending machine air stroke height to as short as possible.

8, according to the profile requirements to choose the length of machine tool, machine tool slider opening height, machine tool tonnage; Generally, the tonnage should be greater than or equal to 40T, and the length should be greater than or equal to 1500mm.

Bending machine is simply a tool for bending and cutting plates. Today jiangsu Jingjiang Sanli forging machine Tool Manufacturing Co., Ltd. staff will take you to understand the bending factor of the bending machine. Let's take a look at the specific content.

800T 折 3

Bending coefficient of bending machine:

1. The bending coefficient algorithm is usually calculated by bending 90 degrees, and the detailed data depends on the knife slot of the bending machine and the sheet metal material applied

2. The bending coefficients include two definitions (BENDING deduction δ CURVES and bending coefficient δ correlation), namely, two algorithms, but the values developed by both algorithms are consistent

3. The specific algorithm is: The bending deduction δ KP is equal to the sum of the outer gears size minus the expansion length L; The bending coefficient δ T is equal to the sum of the spread length L minus the dimension of the interband

800T 折 10

Stainless steel bending machine details:

1, flexible Stainless steel bending machine, just as its name implies is to the body itself is to use made of stainless steel, the use of stainless steel stainless steel bending machine in cleaning up this respect is saved a lot of effort, is made of stainless steel bending machine * * has won't rust strengths, and the advantage is people Zui willing to see.

CNC bending machine system adopts a new generation of modular design, the function of the widest cover, the highest reliability, can meet the needs of different users.

2 mechanical accept hydraulic electrical control, slider stroke can be arbitrary regulation, and has a point, semi-automatic, automatic and other measures example, CNC bending machine manufacturers, accept the point example can be convenient for mold testing and mediation. Such as programming system fault diagnosis system, when the system out of the fault, diagnosis, maintenance and so on to achieve intelligent.

800T 折 16

3. Open software and hardware

Users can according to their own needs, CNC bending machine, CNC bending machine system software for secondary development, the scope of use of users is no longer restricted by the producer.

There is a mechanical block in the oil cylinder to ensure the repeated positioning accuracy of the slide block to the lower point of death, so as to ensure the uniformity of the bending Angle during mass production.

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