Advantages and disadvantages of laser beam welding machine

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Advantages and disadvantages of laser beam welding machine

The advantages and disadvantages of laser beam welding machine and traditional argon arc welding machine are deeply analyzed

Fiber laser welding machine is a high wear resistant laser radioactive substances to the surface of metal materials, according to the mutual influence of laser generator and metal composite material, metal composite material digested laser generator into electric energy to make the metal composite material cooling crystallization after melting resulting in arc welding welding.

Advantages of fiber laser welding machine:

1, arc welding welding speed is faster, high efficiency, the installation of special welding mouth can be used for arbitrary parts of the workpiece of commodity products arbitrary Angle of arc welding welding welding, arc welding welding a forming, most of the invisible, can achieve high quality products arc welding welding welding requirements.

2, electric welding welding has a unique style, uniform and smooth, easy to polish and polish to solve, and arc welding welding welding is firm, welding tensile strength guarantee even more than the raw material itself.

3, strong safety performance, special laser generator safety factor operation process safety prevention effect, ensure the operation process of the operator in the late work of the safety factor, equipped with laser generator protective glasses, reduce the harm to the eyes.

4, effective arc welding welding alloy steel, stainless steel plate, galvanized sheet, and other metal composite materials, can be customized welding, stack welding, internal and external Angle welding, round argon arc welding machine, irregular shape arc welding welding.

5, can be different raw materials of composite arc welding welding, the expected effect of high quality.

6, can be used in a variety of complex working environment, simple operation process easy to learn simple entry, operation process staff professional threshold is not high, save labor costs.

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However, laser welding machine also has certain limitations:

1. It requires high precision welding installation, and the position of the light source on the workpiece of the commodity product can not have significant deviation. It is because the laser generator on the focus of the spot after the size is small, welding narrow, in order to better be able to better add the polymer material filled with metal material. If the workpiece installation precision or light source precision level of the product is not up to the requirements, it is easy to cause arc welding welding defects.

2. The cost of laser generator and its related systems is high, and the one-time investment project is very large.

Comparison between hand-held fiber laser welding machine and argon arc welding machine

Energy consumption comparison:

Compared with the traditional arc laser welding, the portable laser welding machine can save about 80%~90% electromagnetic energy and reduce the product cost by about 30%.

Comparison of expected effect of arc welding welding:

Laser generator hand-held welding can carry out different steel and different metal welding. Faster speed, less deformation, less heat damage area. Electric welding is beautiful, smooth, no/less air holes, zero environmental pollution. Portable laser welding machine can be used for micro open parts and precision machining arc welding welding.

Comparison of production process after:

The cold input of laser welding is low, the independent variable of workpiece shape of commercial products is small, and the unique arc welding welding surface can be obtained, without or only simple treatment (according to the expected effect requirements of arc welding welding surface). The portable laser welding machine can greatly reduce the huge labor cost of polishing and leveling production processes.

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