Analysis and solution of 8 common faults of CNC bending machine

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Analysis and solution of 8 common faults of CNC bending machine


1.Mechanical CNC bending machine

Fault 1: The guide gap between the slider and the guide rail is too large, making abnormal noises.

This type of failure is due to the long use of the guide rail, which is worn and the gap increases. It is necessary to check the degree of wear of the guide rail pressure plate, and determine whether to replace the guide rail pressure plate according to the degree of wear, and readjust to meet the required clearance.

Fault 2: the transmission failure of the rear gear.

The failure of the backgauge transmission is because the transmission shaft is separated from the key bar of the timing pulley or the timing belt slips off. Such failures need to reassemble the key bar and timing belt, and check the electrical part.

Fault 3: The deviation of the parallelism between the linear guide rail

of the back gauge beam and the center line of the mold is too large.

Such failures need to loosen the "X" axis timing belt, readjust it to within the tolerance of parallelism, and reinstall the timing belt.

Fault 4: The connection between the oil cylinder and the slider is loose, causing the bending angle to be inaccurate or the machine cannot find the reference point.

Such failures need to recheck and tighten the connecting nut between the slider and the cylinder.


2.Hydraulic CNC bending machine

Fault 1: There is no pressure in the hydraulic system.

 1. Whether the solenoid coil of the proportional relief valve is energized and whether the voltage of the proportional solenoid coil meets the requirements. For the above reasons, please check the related electrical reasons. 2. Check whether the cartridge valve is stuck or the main spool is stuck, and the damping orifice is blocked. If this is the reason, please disassemble the overflow valve, clean it, and reinstall it. 3. The phase adjustment of the three-phase power supply causes the motor to reverse.

Fault 2: The slider rotates quickly and slowly, and the time pauses too long.

1. Check whether the oil level of the fuel tank is too low and the filling port is not flooded. When fast forwarding, the upper cavity of the cylinder is filled with liquid, causing insufficient filling. For the above reasons, add oil from the tank to more than 5mm above the filling port so that the filling hole is completely flooded. 2. Check whether the fast forward speed is too fast, causing insufficient filling. For the above reasons, the fast forward speed can be reduced by modifying the system parameters. 3. Check whether the filling valve is fully opened. If it is due to oil contamination, the valve core of the filling valve is not flexible and jammed, causing insufficient filling. Need to clean the filling valve and reinstall it to make the spool flexible.

Fault 3: The slider returns normally, the fast forward is normal, the manual cannot move down slowly, and the folding board is weak.

1.Check whether the "two-position four-way" reversing valve of the control filling control oil circuit is working properly. If it is, the filling valve is not closed, so that the upper cavity is connected to the filling port of the fuel tank, and pressure cannot be built. The reason that the valve cannot work normally is that it is not powered on or is stuck. 2. Check whether the filling valve is stuck. If so, please clean the filling valve and reinstall it to make the valve core flexible.

Fault 4: The return speed of the slider is too slow, and the return pressure is high.

This type of fault is mainly caused by the fact that the filling valve is not opened. This phenomenon is just the opposite of the logical relationship of the above-mentioned fault three. You can refer to the solution of fault three for handling.

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