Analysis of cutting problem of laser cutting machine equipment circle

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Analysis of cutting problem of laser cutting machine equipment circle

Now the laser cutting machine equipment, mainly through the principle of the laser beam, so as to be able to pass the role of the laser beam, to help enterprises to complete the relevant object cutting work. In particular, the cutting speed brought by this equipment is relatively fast, and the cutting surface is smooth, which can ensure the smooth operation of the cutting work to complete the corresponding cutting work.

Especially now some companies, because use the traditional cutting machine equipment, will lead to cutting speed, and the cut surface is not smooth, will directly affect the enterprise's production and the work efficiency, now so in with such a laser device, can make enterprises don't have to worry about these problems.

It is because of certain advantages, so the current equipment can be widely used in many industries and fields. In particular, some enterprises now need to produce objects, but also can see the figure of the laser cutting machine equipment, I believe that through the current equipment, you can help the current enterprise, successfully complete the cutting work.

[Can laser] we can know in the repeated test, there are a variety of factors plaguing our processors, in order to cut standard parts, need to spend some small ideas, otherwise can not be completed, the problem is mainly concentrated in the following aspects.


1. The air pressure is not suitable

As we all know, when doing stainless steel, carbon steel and other metal materials cutting need to use gas, like nitrogen, oxygen and so on, gas will have a great impact on our cutting quality.

If the pressure is too small, there will often be the edge of scraping slag, carbonization, and the gas pressure is too large, but there will be a hole. So choose the right round hole, can better cut round hole.

2. The round hole is too small

We have repeatedly tested, laser cutting machine to cut the proportion of round hole aperture: plate thickness is 1:1 as the basis of the ratio, the larger the aperture is easier to produce full and smooth round hole, on the contrary, the difficulty of geometric times increased. In other words, the larger the aperture, the easier to produce high-quality round hole.


3. Servo motor parameters are wrong

Do circular hole cutting is not difficult to find, sometimes there will be not round, including ellipse, edges and corners, in this case, in addition to laser attenuation, more likely to be the motion of the shaft movement mismatch, it is necessary to check the parameters of the motor, in order to make a good circular hole, the requirements of the motor are relatively large. Servo motors are usually recommended.

4. Guide rail and lead screw accuracy error

Servo motor error will affect the cutting quality, the same guide rail and lead screw will affect the laser cutting precision of round hole is not expected. This is also related to the strength of laser cutting machine manufacturers, some factories will cheat on the important components of these equipment, once the accuracy is not up to, there will be a poor round hole effect, so, laser cutting machine manufacturers to choose carefully.

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